Empowering Swiss Startups to Internationalize

Swissnex is the launchpad for Swiss startups. Our equity-free startup programs and digital tools are customized to the needs of entrepreneurs interested in entering the US market.

What we offer

Want to take your company to a new level and go international? With over a decade of experience accelerating the international success of companies, Swissnex is equipped to support Swiss startups at various stages of their journey. We can provide you with a workspace and valuable contacts in the Boston and New York ecosystems – two of the leading innovation hubs in the US. Connect with potential clients, investors, and talent while also gaining access to legal and business advice from expert mentors. We can customize services to fit your needs with offerings like:

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    Targeted Introductions

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    Innovation Benchmarking

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    Strategic Advice

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    Independent Analysis

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    Informational Meetings

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Internationalization Camps

Swissnex is Innosuisse’s internationalization partner of choice. Our team supports promising Swiss startups with their entry on the US market through our main program; the Innosuisse Internationalization Camp. This Fall, we are partnering with our colleagues from the San Francisco office to host the first US Startup Bootcamp.

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