Founders Lunch – Early Design Partnerships

Connect with international climatetech entrepreneurs at a lunch featuring the participants in Climate Collider, a Swiss-US startup exchange program.

Join Swissnex and Energy Underground for lunch with a global community of climatetech founders, featuring five Swiss energy startups taking part in Climate Collider, a Swiss-US startup exchange program. Connect with your international peers and share your challenges, experiences, and opportunities.

This event is organized by Swissnex and Energy Underground, a group of professionals in the Greater Houston area that are accelerating the energy transition.

Climate Collider, a startup exchange program powered by Swissnex and Innosuisse, aims to build a transatlantic startup community and foster international collaboration in climate innovation. The spring 2024 edition is dedicated to energy solutions.

Program (Central Time)

11:30am – Doors open
12:00pm – Lunch served
12:15pm – Introductions
12:45pm – Networking
2:00pm – End


  • Energy Underground
  • Climate Collider