15 Swiss Startups Eyeing US Expansion

By joining Swissnex’s startup camps in Boston and New York, the companies are taking the first step toward US market entry. From medtech to edtech, and from property management to premium audio, read more about them below

September 26, 2022 | Boston & New York

This is the beginning of an entrepreneurial journey between Switzerland and the US market. The founders of fifteen of the most innovative Swiss startups have been accepted into Innosuisse’s internationalization camps run by Swissnex in Boston and New York.

The one-year program will kick off with a two-week virtual bootcamp from September 26 to October 7, designed to provide the companies with localized introductions to their target markets in Boston or New York. Participants will receive insight on pitching to US investors, brand strategy, and legal aspects of entering the US market, enabling them to make full use of their time when they arrive in person. The bootcamp is only the beginning of the journey for these startups, as they will also receive one-on-one coaching sessions and startup support from Innosuisse to help them reach their individual milestones.

The fifteen companies joining the fall cohort reflect the full range of the Swiss startup scene, from medical devices to music, and from real estate to recycling. The participants in the fall 2022 bootcamps are:


  • aiEndoscopic (endoscopy): A spin-off of a joint project of three universities in Zurich, aiEndoscopic combines artificial intelligence with robotics to enable assistive or even autonomous endoscopy.
  • Aison Technologies (sonography): Aison Technologies transforms the way ultrasound is used by creating high-quality, innovative ultrasound-enhancing technologies to standardize sonography procedures, increase workflow efficiency, and improve imaging quality.
  • Aseptuva (disinfection): Aseptuva is developing an adaptor that can be readily fitted onto commercial catheters and tubes. The adaptor houses a disinfection unit that targets infection-prone sites on and around catheters, while they are inserted into the patient.
  • MachineMD (brain disease diagnosis): MachineMD combines virtual reality and artificial intelligence to improve the early detection of brain diseases such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, and brain tumors.
  • Spirecut (surgical instruments): Spirecut specializes in ultrasound-guided hand surgery instruments for carpal tunnel syndrome & trigger finger. This new technique avoids an operative wound and allows patients to immediately return to daily activities.

New York

  • Arbrea Labs (surgical previsualization): Arbrea Labs is a Swiss deep-tech company that specializes in rapid prototyping of Digital Human Avatars for the medical Metaverse. They develop unique, cutting-edge, AI-based AR & 3D tools serving surgeons and patients in their niche of the aesthetic and plastic industry.
  • Authena (product authentication): Authena combines IoT & blockchain to revolutionize product authenticity and product diversion protection in luxury, pharma, food & beverage, and industrial markets, enabling instantaneous verifiable trust across entire value chains.
  • AVAtronics (audio): AVAtronics offers a groundbreaking active noise cancellation technology (embedded SW) that can eliminate noise better than any solution in the market.
  • CASUS (contract automation): CASUS is a spin-off of the University of St. Gallen that automates legal contract documents, enabling employees to create correct contracts at any time, and increasing efficiency and quality.
  • Clever Forever Education (early childhood education): Clever Forever Education is developing a highly innovative digital learning platform. Their app “CatnClever” targets children aged 3-7 with serious game screen time on mobile iOS or Android devices and has already reached 55,000 users within 6 months of its release.
  • DePoly (recycling): DePoly’s recycling technology can handle all PET plastics and fibers, without the need to pre-wash, pre-sort, or separate out other plastics. They convert low-value end of life waste back into its main raw components, which are then used to make virgin-quality plastics and fibres.
  • Lumendo (surgical technology): Lumendo uses state-of-the-art photochemistry, biomaterials and optical devices to simplify complicated endodontic procedures. Their light-activated fillers and sealers can be injected via millimeter-sized catheters, allowing for minimally invasive procedures, while giving the surgeon excellent control.
  • Precious Sound (audio): Precious Sound aims to connect artists and their fans through precious metal records that can be played on regular record players and are made of silver, gold, and other metals.
  • Spacewise (proptech): Spacewise offers landlords user-friendly tools for easy management of retail and promotional spaces, enabling brands of any size to easily and quickly search, evaluate and book spaces – as simple as booking a hotel room.
  • TYXIT (remote performance): TYXIT offers a SaaS platform for remote real-time interaction amongst musicians and gamers, providing a single interface for performers to play, rehearse, create and protect their unique creation though NFT generation, while also engaging with their fans via its ultra low-latency and immersive sound experience solutions.

“The Startup Bootcamps are a great way for Swiss startups to explore the US market,” says Joséphine Erni, Innovation Lead at Swissnex in New York. “Entering the US market comes with its challenges, which is where Swissnex comes in. We support the participating startups in their internationalization process by connecting them with the local ecosystem.”

“The camps are a wonderful opportunity for the founders to meet with experts in different fields, and the knowledge shared by the speakers is essential for the success of the startup’s implementation in their chosen location,” says Oriane Rütsche, Innovation Manager at Swissnex in Boston. “We are delighted to be able to foster such connections and help make the internationalization process as smooth as possible for the camp participants.”