Venture Leaders in Life Sciences

This year, the Venture Leaders in Boston will include both the 2020 Life Sciences Team and the 2021 Medtech Team.

The Venture Leaders – the members of the Swiss National Startup Teams – have a clear-cut goal. They envision themselves as global players and want to take the first step to their global expansion. Venturelab has 17 years of bringing Swiss startup teams to high-tech hotspots: Silicon Valley, New York, Boston, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. These business development programs are specifically structured to help them achieve this goal.

Every year, VentureLab selects the 10 best startups in Biotech or Medtech to participate in an intensive investor roadshow in Boston.  Swissnex in Boston partners with the VentureLeaders to provide access to local experts for business feedback as well as mentoring and coaching.

Swiss National Startup Team 2021, Venture Leaders Medtech

CustomSurg | Thomas Zumbrunn | | Zurich
CustomSurg turns current subjective clinical treatments into a data-driven process that makes  surgeries more efficient and provides personalized treatment strategies. 

Emovo Care SA | Iselin Frobu | | Lausanne
Emovo Care SA develops a connected robotic hand orthosis for people with hand motor impairments  due to e.g. stroke. Patent-pending artificial tendons enable to build a unique device for continuous use  – directly at home. 

Flowbone SA | Valérie Malfroy Camine | | Lausanne FLOWBONE is involved in the development and promotion of a revolutionary biomaterial for the  minimal-invasive augmentation of fragile bones. 

Gondola Medical Technologies SA | Francesco Cecchini Manara | https://www.gondola | Epalinges
Gondola Medical Technologies is a Swiss MedTech company offering Gondola AMPS, a clinically proven, side-effect free and non-invasive therapy to improve walking, empowering patients to move  better and live better. 

Hemotune AG | Lukas Langenegger | | Zurich
hemotune AG is developping a revolutionary medical device for blood purification that combines  cutting-edge scientific results from biomedicine and nanotechnology. 

InnoSpina Sàrl | Gwenael Hannema | | Courroux
InnoSpina is advancing minimally invasive surgery (MIS) with fusion and motion preserving  technologies for disorders of the spine. 

Lymphatica Medtech SA | Marco Pisano | | Lausanne
Lymphatica is a medical device development company that has designed and patented the first  implantable system for chronic lymphedema treatment, which will improve the quality of life of millions  of patients in the world. 

MUVON Therapeutics AG | Deana Mohr | | Zurich MUVON Therapeutics is a Life Science Spin-off from the University of Zurich with the goal of  developing and commercializing an autologous cell therapy for the regeneration of skeletal muscle  tissue.

NanoFlex Robotics | Matt Curran | projects/nanoflex | Zurich
NanoFlex is developing a soft robotic system that allows the precise movement of specially made  catheters in the vasculature. 

Spectroplast AG | Manuel Schaffner| | Zurich
Spectroplast AG is a Swiss Spinoff from ETH Zürich that introduces the next revolution in 3D Printing:  Silicone Additive Manufacturing for flexible and safe life-saving products.

Swiss National Startup Team 2020, Venture Leaders Life Sciences

Adiposs Sàrl| Andrej Babic | | Plan-les-Ouates
Adiposs is a medtech start-up company developing imaging products and technologies. Our flagship  product is ImageBAT, a first-in-class medical imaging product for detection of early body wasting. 

Araris Biotech AG | Philipp Spycher | | Zurich
Araris Biotech AG is a spin-off company from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and ETH Zurich  pioneering a novel antibody-drug conjugate (ADC)-linker technology. Our linker platform enables the  attachment of any payload to ‘off the shelf’ antibodies without the need of prior antibody engineering. AG | Fabian Svara | | Buchrain provides automated biomedical image analysis as a service and develop cutting-edge  image processing technology — scalable in throughput, consistent in quality.  

KetoSwiss AG | Elena Gross| | Basel
KetoSwiss is a Swiss biotechnology start-up that develops “brain fuels” as 1) nutraceuticals  (/supplements) and 2) pharmaceuticals for the therapy of migraines (“MigraKet”), which are efficacious  and close to the root cause of migraine, without adding intolerable side effects. 

LifeMatrix Technologies AG| Robin Mueller| | Zürich
LifeMatrix is active in the field of medical biomimetics and has developed a unique bio-engineering  technology to grow human replacement tissues in the laboratory as next generation implants for the  treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The patented LifeMatrix technology can grow human  replacement tissues such as heart valves, blood vessels and other structures. When implanted, the  patient’s own cells transform the LifeMatrix implants into living tissue which can grow and regenerate  with the patient. 

Neurosoft Bioelectronics SA | Nicolas Vachicouras || Chambésy
Neurosoft Bioelectronics develops a new generation of soft and conformable implantable electrodes  that seamlessly interface with the nervous tissues and can improve clinical outcomes for patients. 

Terapet SA | Christina Yin Vallgren | | Geneva
Terapet SA, a CERN startup, develops a novel medical device which enables medical doctors for the  first time to monitor the delivered proton dose inside the patients during cancer treatment: in-vivo, non invasive, in 3D and real-time. This solution ensures that every patient receives the right dose, every  time.


The Swiss National Startup Team’s roadshow to Boston is organized by Venturelab in cooperation with their partners and Swissnex.