Robotics, Medtech, AI: 11 Swiss Startups to Explore the US Market

The Innosuisse Internationalization Camps run by Swissnex in Boston and New York will give them the tools and connections they need to explore and enter the US market.

August 22, 2023 | Boston & New York

The founders of 11 cutting-edge Swiss startups, selected by Swissnex and the Swiss innovation agency Innosuisse, are embarking on an entrepreneurial journey exploring the global innovation hubs of the US Northeast. By taking part in the Innosuisse Internationalization Camps run by Swissnex in Boston and New York, they will gain the contacts and information they need to validate their products and prepare to enter the US market.

The camps begin with the two-week introductory module “Breaking Into the US Market” from August 21 to September 1, 2023. During these online sessions participants will hear from local experts on pitching, fundraising, business development, and hiring in the US; as well as legal topics, such as IP, reimbursement, and taxation; and sector-specific topics, like FDA product approval. In the months following their completion of the introductory module, participants will travel to the US East Coast to meet with experts, investors, and potential partners in Boston and New York.

The companies taking part in the fall 2023 introductory module represent a broad range of products and services, from regenerative implant technology to robotics and artificial intelligence, as listed below.


  • Miraex | Quantum | Pushing the boundaries of next-gen sensing, networking, and computing with their photonic and quantum solutions
  • machineMD | Medtech | Providing diagnostic excellence for early detection of brain disorders to doctors, optometrists, and opticians worldwide
  • Nanoflex Robotics | Medtech | Revolutionizing medical robotic interventions for the treatment of ischemic stroke
  • Regenosca | Medtech | Leading the way in regenerative implant technology, crafting seamless solutions for gentle tissue rejuvenation

New York

  • | AI | A next-generation AI-powered storytelling platform for the audiovisual industry
  • Hydromea | Mobility | Developing cutting-edge technology in underwater robotics, through-water wireless communication networks, and underwater navigation
  • LEG&AIRY | Medtech | On a mission to mobilize disabled children with autonomously fitted (AI-driven) and manufactured orthopedic devices
  • Isochronic | Industry | Transforming high-volume automation with software-driven robotics, multiplying productivity and saving space
  • FQX (Obligate) | Fintech | Revolutionizing bond issuance with on-chain, regulated funding for companies and diverse digital debt assets secured with on-chain collateral
  • Soobr | AI | Utilizing smart technology to revolutionize cleaning by providing real-time data and AI, which reduces costs, improves quality, and enables precise scheduling
  • SurgeonsLab | Medtech | Revolutionizing medical education with cutting-edge technology for training neurosurgeons and interventional neuroradiologists