The Science of Smart Textiles

Join Swissnex at the Cambridge Science Festival to explore the future of textiles.

We are in the middle of a material science revolution aiming to protect the planet. Climate-focused textile entrepreneurs are driving innovation around the world through the development of sustainable and environmentally responsible products and technologies. This panel explores real world solutions for science in service to nature with fully performant and damage free membranes, with lab grown cotton that reduces the consumption of water, to reduce forced labor risk, use of pesticides, and carbon emission.

This panel is presented by Swissnex and the Cambridge Science Festival as part of the festival’s Science x Fashion day.



Jay Calderin

Jay Calderin
Executive Director, Boston Fashion Week

The Boston Globe refers to Jay Calderin as “a budding designer’s best friend.” Jay Calderin is the author of The Fashion Design Reference & Specification Book (formerly Form, Fit, Fashion), which the LA Times called, “a new fashion bible for designers, aspirers and the just plain curious, this tome contains all the secrets.” The Library Journal said, “In 100 short articles embellished with full-color photos and illustrations, Calderin brings even highly conceptual and esoteric fashion design ideas down to earth” about his second book Fashion Design Essentials. His books have been translated into German, Chinese, Spanish, and French.

His work as a fashion designer has graced the pages of Vogue and Elle magazines as well as the New York Times Sunday Style section and been acquired by the Peabody Essex Museum to be exhibited in their Fashion & Design Gallery.

Calderin founded Boston Fashion Week and has served as the organization’s Executive Director since 1995. In 2012 he was appointed Creative Director of the first Chengdu Fashion Week in China.

He also held the office of Regional Director of Fashion Group International of Boston (FGI Boston) from 2009-2010 and has served on the Design Industry Group of Massachusetts (DIGMA) Design Advisory Council since 2008. In 2015 Jay was invited to serve on the Leadership Council for Boston Creates – a citywide cultural planning process led by the Mayor of Boston’s Office of Arts and Culture. He has served as chair of the Boston Arts Academy’s Fashion Technology Advisory Board since 2017.

Calderin is Co-Director of Education, Director of Community Relations, and an instructor at the School of Fashion Design in Boston, teaching on a wide variety of fashion and professional development classes. In addition to artist demonstrations and teaching studio art classes at the Museum of Fine Arts, he teaches at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, facilitated a program called Fashion Tales at several branches of the Boston Public Library, and joined the ranks of CreativeLive’s highly respected team of online educators in 2015.




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