Swiss Life Sciences Pitch Day

Fifteen startups. Three minute pitches. Three minute Q&A. Join us on November 9th for a quick-paced introduction to some of the most innovative biotech and medtech companies from Switzerland.

Swissnex is bringing together two amazing cohorts of biotech and medtech startups from Switzerland. The Venture Leaders 2021 Swiss National Biotech Team will join in-person from Boston, and the Fall 2021 Innosuisse Internationalization Campers will join remotely from Switzerland.


11:00 am – Opening Remarks

11:05 am – Medtech Track

11:45 am – Break

11:50 am – Biotech Track

12:50 pm – Closing Remarks

Participating Startups

Innosuisse Bootcampers:

  • Anavo Medical – anavo medical uses cutting-edge nanotechnology to make seromas heal
  • Synple Chem – Synple Chem has developed an automated, cartridge-based synthesis technology to enable chemists to accelerate their research.
  • Hi-D Imaging – Hi-D Imaging is a platform that revolutionizes medical imaging processing by decreasing pre-operational/surgical planning times and overcoming limitations of medical scans for physicians for cardiovascular pre-operational planning.
  • PeriVision – PeriVision uses AI & VR technology to make glaucoma care accessible and affordable for everyone.
  • Sleepiz – Sleepiz AG uses millimeter-wave radar technology to enable patients to manage chronic disease under realistic in-home sleep conditions.
  • Terapet – Terapet develops a novel medical device to bring proton therapy for cancer treatment to the next level.

Venture Leaders: 

  • Abologix – ABOLOGIX is developing monoclonal antibodies against two novel biological targets
  • Acthera – Acthera’s mechano-responsive, Hard-Shelled Liposomes (HSLs) can fill a mission-critical gap for targeted drug release in countless indications, enabling transformative therapeutic approaches and leverage the potential of available therapies.
  • Alithea – Rapid RNA-seq for blood samples
  • Avrion Therapeutics – Avrion Therapeutics is developing precision gene therapy solutions to address genetically defined neurological disorders.
  • Cellvie – cellvie is bringing about a new treatment modality, leveraging the therapeutic potential of mitochondria.
  • Gnubiotics  – Gnubiotics Sciences SA is revolutionizing the microbiome health of humans and animals with a new category of complex molecules.
  • HexagonFab – HexagonFab has developed biological sensors for rapid and highly sensitive detection of biological substances like proteins, DNA, or small molecules, with portable and affordable readers.
  • Nemosia – Nemosia, aims to raise public awareness of neurological disorders and promote a culture where it is seen as normal and safe to do regular brain check-ups.
  • NexImmune – NextImmune intends to commence operations with screening and preclinical development of compounds that interfere with coronin 1-dependent T cell activation in autoimmune diseases and organ transplantation


This event is an initiative of Innosuisse and Venturelab organized by Swissnex in Boston and supported by Vischer Swiss Law and Tax, EPFL, ETH Zurich, and the Canton of Zurich.