Climate Collider: Announcing Inaugural Startup Cohort

From solar energy and sustainable materials to building analytics and green mobility, the participants in our new Swiss-US startup exchange program are advancing solutions to climate change in every aspect of our lives.

August 11, 2023 | Boston & New York

On September 18, an exceptional group of climate-focused entrepreneurs from Switzerland and the US will embark on a four-week program, giving them access to the innovation ecosystems of New York, Boston, and beyond. Climate Collider, the new startup exchange powered by Swissnex and Innosuisse, aims to build a transatlantic startup community and foster international collaboration in climate innovation.

The participants in the inaugural edition of Climate Collider are innovating across a range of climate change mitigation and resilience technologies. From smart solar energy to sustainable chemicals and materials to data analysis that improves the efficiency and lifespan of our built environment, these startups are advancing solutions to climate change in every aspect of our daily lives.

By bringing together a group of founders from different cultures, representing diverse sectors, and at different stages in their entrepreneurial journeys, Climate Collider aims to facilitate peer learning and progress toward the common goal of building a more sustainable future.

The inaugural edition of Climate Collider includes the following startups:

  • Active Surfaces | US | Developing flexible thin-film solar modules that are 100x lighter than traditional solar modules.
  • Bloom Biorenewables | Switzerland | Manufacturing sustainable chemicals and fuels derived from plants, offering an alternative to fossil-based feedstocks.
  • Capro-X | US | Upcycling organic wastes into high-value carbon-negative biochemicals.
  • Coastal Protection Solutions | US | Specializing in easily deployable systems that mitigate coastal flooding and protect communities against the threat of sea-level rise and climate change.
  • Dimpora | Switzerland | Developing and providing circular membranes for sustainable materials in sports and outdoor apparel.
  • Irmos | Switzerland | Monitoring the structural integrity of bridges using low-cost vibration sensors and cutting-edge AI algorithms.
  • | US | Utilizing aerial data and AI to provide autonomous technology for building envelope diagnosis.
  • MacroCycle Technologies | US | Upcycling PET plastic by recovering intermediate species from plastic waste and re-polymerizing them into high-quality plastics.
  • MobyFly | Switzerland | Designing and delivering zero-emission hydrofoil boats for mass transportation.
  • Voltiris | Switzerland | Offering an energy-as-a-service solution to growers using solar modules that filter sunlight for crops’ photosynthesis while generating solar energy.

The Climate Collider program begins in New York on September 18 with Climate Week NYC, the world’s largest global climate event. On September 25, Climate Collider goes virtual, taking the startups on a two-week tour of climatetech ecosystems around the world, in collaboration with the global Swissnex network and the Swiss Business Hub. On October 9, the startups will reconvene in Boston for an intensive one-week program of peer-to-peer learning, expert feedback, and site visits, culminating in a final pitch competition.