Empowering Swiss startups to internationalize

Swissnex is the launchpad for Swiss startups to expand into the Indian market. You'll be the technology expert, and we'll be your enablers, guiding you on “how to” create a strong presence in India. As a direct representation of the Swiss government in India, Swissnex assists startups to validate and gain momentum for their India market entry. To date, we have helped over 60 Swiss startups enter the Indian market.

PC: Marc Mueller

What we offer

We are mandated by Innosuisse to help their startups in initial and core coaching to internationalise. For non-Innosuisse startups, we offer our services for a nominal fee.

We kick-start the coaching with 'Market Discovery' - by advising startups through digital channels about their market potential in India.

  • Market Validation - 1:1 Coaching on scaling to India

    Get mentored in re-engineering your business model for India, strategise your competitive intelligence/ sales/ pricing/ partner/ hiring/ distribution strategies, and leave with the ability to run your own show in India.

  • Market Entry - Access to India’s startup ecosystem

    If you’re ready to enter the Indian market, we hack your growth with exposure to key international startup platforms. On a need basis, we provide access to investors, first potential customers or partners, knowledge of scaling your business in India and, assistance in acquiring or hiring the right skills on the ground.

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Coaching + Support

With us, champion every aspect of scaling to the international markets, including product-fit, operating model, pricing, culture, and people, for your target market. Enjoy a host of services including:

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    India know-how workshop - business culture in India, industry overview and market analysis pricing innovation

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    IP and regulation consulting

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    Tailored individual support

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Success stories

From bootcamp to breakthroughs to being in business...
here's a look at Swiss startups who made a splash in India.

Startup Timeline

Since 2010, we have supported over 50 Swiss startups to successfully enter and scale in the Indian market. You'll find some familiar names here!