Academia Industry Training 2021

The 2021 digital version of AIT India aims to transform high-level applied research into market applications. Entry is awarded on a competitive basis to select projects with entrepreneurial potential.

At AIT, selected participants learn, network and understand cultural and business contexts, international markets, foster new partnerships and collaborations and understand the market potential for their product.

AIT consists of two phases: an online training camp focusing on India, and a second training camp in Switzerland.

VentureLab and Swissnex in India are facilitating a full day preparation kick-off event, an online week focusing on India followed by a week in Switzerland including workshops, industry feedback and business meetings.

Stay tuned for the India Camp from 15-18 November 2021 and Swiss Camp from 6-9 December 2021.



AIT is one of the most successful running partnerships between the Indian and the Swiss governments - implemented by DST (Department of Science and Technology, India) till 2020 and SERI (State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation, Switzerland).

Explore how we bridge academia to industry and help researchers take the plunge into entrepreneurship, through this digital training camp in India and Switzerland.

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