Game of Drones

Join us for an interactive session wherein experts from the drone ecosystem in Switzerland and India analyze the future of the drone industry through its key pillars: Technology, Education and Regulation.

swissnex India, Huviair and Numa are bringing the key players from the drone ecosystem in Switzerland and India to explore synergies and share best practices in the three most important aspects of the drone industry…

India is in the middle of defining its regulatory framework for drones. Indeed, it’s the perfect time to take a closer look at the global trends.

In keeping with our mission to enable co-creation of technologies and solutions that shape the future, swissnex India is keen on engaging the Swiss and Indian players in the drone industry. Switzerland is one of the leading nations in drone technology, owning an ecosystem that is equally appealing to startups, corporates and the research communities.

Find the answers to the most pertinent questions:

How do regulations impact the pace of growth of drone-based solutions? How can the policy makers unlock the full potential of these solutions?
How can drone technologies be leveraged to create impact?
How can education foster future technologies?
… and hear from the experts what could possibly shape the Indian drone market that’s poised to grow to $885 million by 2021.