Project Quantum

Connecting Switzerland and the world in
quantum science and technology

What is Project Quantum?

The quantum revolution is reaching a tipping point. Corporates and startups, supported by scientific discoveries, are closing in on the first quantum computer that can usefully outperform a classical machine. Advances in quantum cryptography and networking are securing our information from future threats, while quantum sensors are delivering unprecedented levels of precision and miniaturization. On the verge of new breakthroughs, governments are investing large sums in quantum research and innovation, as well as talent and workforce development. As many countries are adopting national strategies for competitive advantage, international collaborations remain the lifeblood of scientific advancement and technology commercialization.


Project Quantum is Swissnex’s initiative to connect Switzerland and the world in quantum science and technology. Through a series of activities undertaken across the global Swissnex network, it aims to help accelerate scientific breakthroughs and shape the quantum economy. The initiative focuses on three core pillars:

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    The Swissnex Quantum Summit in Switzerland

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    Bilateral cooperation with selected countries

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    Global visibility for Swiss quantum efforts


Swissnex Quantum Summit

Building Ecosystems

On October 14, 2023, the Swissnex Quantum Summit brought together key ecosystem builders from 10 countries at EPFL in Switzerland to discuss how to jointly accelerate breakthroughs and shape the quantum economy.


Factsheet on Swiss Quantum

Switzerland maintains a world-class quantum ecosystem bolstered by its top-flight universities and research centers, its leading innovation economy, and its deep international connections.

  • World-Class Research

    Thanks to its world-class universities, Swiss quantum researchers are at the top of their fields, boasting the highest impact factor for quantum research publications of any country in the world.

  • Pioneering Startups

    Over 20 years ago, Switzerland created some of the world's first quantum startups, and continues its innovation journey with new ones in quantum sensing, networking, and enabling technologies.

  • Broad Excellence

    From computing to sensing, networking to theory, algorithms to software, Switzerland boasts a broad base of excellence in all major areas of quantum information technology.

  • International Outlook

    Almost 90% of Swiss quantum publications feature international collaborators – among the highest rates in the world. Global engagement is built into the ecosystem from the ground up.

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