Escolhares back in Brazil

The NGO Escolhares is building partnerships with Swiss and Brazilian institutions in order to collaborate with research and innovation activities that are aligned with its mission, to bring visual health to schoolchildren in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

– By Sofia Costa, Communications Manager

The Swiss NGO Escolhares, active in Brazil since 2015, was back in Rio de Janeiro schools donating glasses to children with visual impairments last August. Dr. Kátia Steinfeld, in charge of the project, has been in Brazil a few times, creating meaningful partnerships to ensure the logistics, supply of materials, and delivery of the glasses to public schools in the region.

This year, Katia is working in Brazil with different partners to increase the number of schools the project favors. The focus today is to develop the project to start mapping big problems and obstacles in the field of ophthalmology and to collaborate with understanding this health niche in the country.

Last August, the exclusive Escolhares Roundtable welcomed Dr. Viviane Lanzelotte and Dr. Renata Monteiro to discuss the Brazilian scenario in the visual health sector. Besides the importance of an initiative like the NGO Escolhares that helps children with visual impairment to receive the treatment and support they need.

Through the collaboration with Swissnex, Katia could open new doors and start negotiating partnerships with healthcare institutions to develop the project in just a few weeks in Brazil. The project has been growing since 2015, with many possibilities on the horizon.

The project with Escolhares is possible through the partnership of Swissnex in Brazil with the Canton of Vaud. Also, It wouldn’t be possible without the help from the medical students of UNIL volunteering for the project. It has been a pleasure for Swissnex to be part of this journey!

Enjoy the video and photos below to follow Escolhares time in Brazil and learn more about the NGO!