Escolhares Roundtable

Exclusive event for our partners about the current Brazilian scenario in the visual health sector and the Escolhares initiative that helps visually impaired children receive the treatment and support they need.

Our event

The view of the carioca schoolchildren

In Brazil, about 15% of children suffer from some vision deficit, which in most cases can be corrected with a simple pair of glasses. It is important to remember that even in this scenario, vision is one of the essential senses in a child’s normal physical and cognitive development.

It is worth asking: What is the current situation of children’s visual health in Rio de Janeiro? What is the observed impact on the development of this population? And finally, how to plan interventions tailored to the carioca school children.


18:30 –  Welcoming – Swissnex in Brazil

18:32 – Dr. Katia Steinfeld – Escolhares 

18:40 – Q&A with Dr. Viviane Lanzelotte, Dr. Renata Monteiro Maia and Dr. Katia Steinfeld – moderated by Pedro Capra, Program Manager

19:00 – Opening for questions from school principals

19:30 – Dr. Katia Steinfeld – Closing remarks