Assembling Intelligence: Hybrid Strategies for AI, Art, and Design

Swissnex in San Francisco welcomes the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD - Genève) in the Summer 2024 to showcase their take on artificial intelligence with an exhibition.


This Summer, Swissnex in San Francisco welcomes Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD – Genève) to showcase their take on artificial intelligence through recent research projects and students’ artistic works with an exhibition. The exhibition is free, and open to the public from August 19 to November 30, 2024.


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The techniques used in current trends in artificial intelligence are not exactly new. The concept of “generative” artworks and the notion of a “language model” to create an infinity of results are an old dream. Assembling Intelligence – Hybrid Strategies for AI, Art & Design reunites a diversity of approaches that do not oppose the old and the new, seeking instead a form of “lateral thinking” in an era of ever-accelerating technologies.

Anchored in the future of the creative professions, Geneva University of Art and Design has launched a plan of action on artificial intelligence (AI). This includes a new cross-disciplinary Bachelor’s course, in-house staff training, ongoing education, strategic monitoring, development of open source and tailored alternatives, symposia, and research projects. These initiatives position HEAD – Genève as a leading player in the field of digital creation.

The program is curated by Douglas Edric Stanley, Lecturer of Master Media Design at HEAD in Geneva, in collaboration with Anthony Masure, Dean of Research at HEAD. It is facilitated by Audrey Zecchin, Head of International Relations at HEAD. 

Visitors of the exhibition can explore how HEAD – Genève’s initiatives in AI are shaping the future of digital creation and artistic expression. Through the dialogue between the artworks of Weiyu Chen, Jeremias Fries, Alexandra Galian, Quentin Piel Langlet, Chloé Richard, and Elsa Wagnieres, and the research projects of Sylvie Boisseau, Sabrina Calvo, Kévin Donnot, Élise Gay, Guillaume Helleu, Sonia Laugier, Nicolas Nova, Anthony Masure, Alexia Mathieu, Etienne Mineur, Douglas Edric Stanley, Frank Westermeyer and David Zerbib, the exhibition seeks to inspire and provoke thought about the intersection of AI, art, and design. It showcases how these fields can collaborate to push the boundaries of creativity. This is the first time these projects and artworks are showcased in the US.

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This exhibition is part of Déjà Vu, an event series by Swissnex in San Francisco exploring the relationship between AI and human creativity, raising critical questions about the nature, ethics, and future of artistic creation in an age of intelligent machines.


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Assembling Intelligence is a collaboration between Head Genève and Swissnex in San Francisco.