Photograph: Myleen Hollero

Our Team

Meet the team behind Swissnex in San Francisco, located at Pier 17.

Our Team

Part of a world-wide network, Swissnex in San Francisco is Switzerland’s innovation outpost in the Bay Area. We are a dynamic, international team connecting Switzerland, North America and the world in science, education, innovation, and art.

Gioia Deucher, CEO swissnex SFPhotograph: Myleen Hollero

Gioia Deucher

Yannick Heiniger, swissnex SFPhotograph: Yannick Heiniger
Deputy CEO

Yannick Heiniger

Anne Amis, swissnex SFPhotograph: Myleen Hollero

Anne Amis

Akiko Kojima, swissnex SFPhotograph: Akiko Kojima
Accounting Coordinator

Akiko Kojima

Photograph: Corine Thommen
Entrepreneurship Program Manager

Corine Thommen

Franziska Steiner, swissnex SFPhotograph: swissnex San Francisco
Head of Entrepreneurship

Franziska Steiner

Julia Kuhn Mirza, swissnex SFPhotograph: Myleen Hollero
Senior Communications Manager

Julia Kuhn Mirza

Julien Vérgely, swissnex SFPhotograph: Myleen Hollero
Head of Operations

Julien Vergély

Laura Erickson, swissnex SFPhotograph: Myleen Hollero
Head of Innovation & Sustainability

Laura Erickson

Marc SernaPhotograph: Julien Vergely
Programs Associate

Marc Serna

Natalia Guecheva, swissnex SFPhotograph: swissnex San Francisco
Experience and Operations Coordinator

Natalia Guecheva

Perrine Huber, swissnex SFPhotograph: Myleen Hollero
Head of Communication

Perrine Huber

Sarah Chapatte, swissnex SFPhotograph: Myleen Hollero
Communications Manager

Sarah Chapatte


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Event Space swissnex SFPhotograph: Astra Brinkmann

San Francisco

Join the team in San Francisco.

swissnex at Pier 17Photograph: Bruce Damonte


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