Photograph: Myleen Hollero

Our Team

Meet the team behind Swissnex in San Francisco, located at Pier 17.

Our Team

Part of a world-wide network, Swissnex in San Francisco is Switzerland’s innovation outpost in the Bay Area. We are a dynamic, international team connecting Switzerland, North America and the world in science, education, innovation, and art.

Photograph: Myleen Hollero

Emilia Pasquier

Corine Thommen, Swissnex in San FranciscoPhotograph: Myleen Hollero
Deputy CEO & Head of Programs

Corine Thommen

Caitlin Miller, Swissnex in San FranciscoPhotograph: Myleen Hollero
Head of Finance & Operations

Caitlin Miller

Head of Communications

Sophie Bohnen

Photograph: Myleen Hollero
Programs Associate

Alicia Rieckhoff

Events & Operations Associate

Diego Riva

Julia Bislin, Swissnex in San FranciscoPhotograph: Myleen Hollero
Entrepreneurship Program Manager

Julia Bislin

Photograph: Myleen Hollero
Senior Communications Manager

Julia Kuhn Mirza

Photograph: Myleen Hollero
Community & Events Manager

Perrine Gigandet

Photograph: Myleen Hollero
Creative Industries Program Manager

Romie Kind

Photograph: Myleen Hollero
Senior Entrepreneurship Program Manager

Sharon Ambrosio

Photograph: Myleen Hollero
Communications Associate

Sophia Burri

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