Photograph: Astra Brinkmann


With our unique network and expertise, we co-create programs and provide services to the public and private partners. We provide insights derived from our ecosystem of activities across education, research, innovation, and creativity. Our partners benefit from our cross-sector, cross-industry approach to cultivating innovation exchanges between Switzerland and the West Coast of the USA.

San Francisco Silicon Valley

ECAL eventPhotograph: Astra Brinkmann

Multiple Perspectives

From the vantage point of the West Coast of the USA, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley, we connect our partners to new sets of questions, a unique ecosystem, and ideas that inspire innovation in their field.


Pier 17

Our space at Pier 17 brings together residents and partners from various sectors through diverse activities and collaborative opportunities.

Photograph: Andrew Chang

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Photograph: Felicia Kieselhorst

We collaborate with a diverse group of individuals, and public and private organizations.

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Swissnex Program Mentors

Interested in Mentoring?

We regularly host Swiss startups, corporations, creatives and other changemakers through our bootcamps, residencies and other programs, and are always looking for ways to expand our network of mentors and experts who are crucial for the success of our programs. Mentors/experts can be based in Switzerland or the US West Coast.
If you are interested in becoming part of our mentor roster to support them on a volunteer basis, we'd love to hear from you.

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Photograph: Felicia Kieselhorst
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