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Part of a world-wide network, Swissnex in San Francisco is Switzerland’s innovation outpost in the Bay Area. We are a dynamic, international team connecting the dots in education, research, innovation, and the arts. We produce events, exhibitions, and startup bootcamps (to name a few) at Pier 17 on the waterfront in San Francisco.



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    IT & Administration Manager

    “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.”

    “We don’t ever let trouble shoot back.”

    If you relish having everything under ctrl in a tech microcosm as well as in our office space, this opportunity is for you!

    “If it’s broken, we see a project, not a problem.”

    “Ready to turn every challenge into a checklist?”
    Join our team if you delight in mastering the mechanics of both software and structure, ensuring perfection in every pixel and place.
    We are excited to add a talented, self-driven IT and Administration Manager to our team. We depend on technology to enhance our productivity to do more and better in less time. If you like to help your colleagues keep up with the latest productivity tools and hacks, and help them understand how technology can work seamlessly, you will be a great addition to our team. And a better one If your eyes light up at the prospect of ensuring the smooth operation of spaces, from meticulous attention to detail in maintenance to the orchestration of seamless logistics and administrative processes.
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    General Interest

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