Metropolis: Sustainable Futures Under Construction

With 'Metropolis – Sustainable Futures Under Construction', Swissnex in San Francisco is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a look into the future of cities, focusing on food, energy, and the built and digital environment.

Anniversary Events

Celebrating 20 Years and Shaping the Future with a series of events and programs in Switzerland and San Francisco.
Switzerland: October 2023
San Francisco: November 6–9, 2023

Metropolis – Sustainable Futures Under Construction, launched in celebration of Swissnex’s 20-year anniversary in San Francisco, explores and shapes the future of cities, focusing on food, energy, and the built and digital environment.

By highlighting Swiss innovators at the forefront of urban development, this program inspires individuals to question existing paradigms and envision bold and transformative solutions that can shape sustainable and thriving cities of tomorrow.

Globally, cities house half of the world’s population, consume 75% of energy, and generate 75% of CO2 emissions. Addressing food security, energy consumption, and sustainable infrastructure design is vital for resilient cities.

Metropolis creates a space for visionary ideas to emerge by connecting dreamers and doers from both Switzerland and the Bay Area to co-create practical solutions for the future’s most pressing issues.

Celebrate and shape the future with us

Do you have a project with radically new solutions for a more sustainable urban future? Do you want to explore the future of cities or simply want to get inspired by innovations at the forefront of urban development? Browse through our anniversary program to see how you can be involved and celebrate with us. We'd love to see you!

Building within our Planet’s Limits

Lausanne: October 19, 2023

While occupying only 3% of the planet's territory, cities are responsible for 75% of global resource consumption, energy use, as well as CO2 emissions, thereby fueling warming. Rethinking radically new ways of living, building, and designing our cities is therefore key to respecting our planet's limits. 

Join us for an engaging event that unites diverse perspectives from Switzerland and the Bay Area, exploring the latest advancements and solutions for the cities of tomorrow.


Innovating Urban Food Systems

Basel: October 24, 2023

By 2050, urban living will be the reality for almost 70 percent of the global population. As cities continue to grow, it becomes crucial to ensure that citizens not only have adequate housing and public services but also access to safe and affordable food.

You're invited to an evening event that unites diverse perspectives from Switzerland and the Bay Area, exploring the latest advancements and solutions for a more sustainable urban food system.


Digital Twins / Digital Fiends

Zurich: October 26, 2023

As urbanization accelerates, digital and AI innovations hold immense potential for city transformation, but alongside inherent risks. 

We'd love to see you at our final anniversary event in Switzerland to explore the digital and AI revolution shaping our cities, uncover the pros and cons, discuss ethical considerations, and unlock the potential of a sustainable urban future.


Anniversary Events

Events in San Francisco

Join us for our anniversary events in San Francisco between November 7–9, 2023.

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Leading the circular revolution

San Francisco: October 5, 2023

You are invited to explore the circular economy's transformative power in cities during an evening event on Thursday, October 5, 2023. Discover how the circular economy enables sustainable living and empowers communities and learn from the city of Zurich that ranks second in the world for circular living, according to the 2022 Circular Cities Barometer released by Bloomberg. It was the first Swiss city to include the circular economy in its constitution in 2022.

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Our Partners

The anniversary programming is a collaboration with the the Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA), Department of Architecture, ETH Zürich, the University of Basel Innovation Office, Future Sustainable Territories, Infrastructure and Cities (FUSTIC), an initiative of EPFL and its faculty ENAC (School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering), and Enterprise for Society Center (E4S), and kühne wicki Future Stuff.