University of Lausanne Enters Into New Partnership with Keio University in Japan

The University of Lausanne UNIL is expanding its partnerships in Japan. On August 13, 2020, a new university-wide agreement with Keio University was announced, promoting both the mobility of exchange students as well as visits of lecturers between the two institutions.

UNIL expects to send students mainly in the fields of Business and Economics, and also in the Keio International Program. The Japanese students to be received at Lausanne will likely be in the same fields and also in French as a foreign language as Keio University has a Department of French. The agreements allows for the exchange of four semester-places each year. Undergraduate and graduate students can participate in the exchange. Besides the Keio International Program and the Japanese Language Program, UNIL students have the possibility to participate in a wide range of classes offered in English, such as regular courses at the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Business and Commerce including their respective Graduate Schools. Additionally, Keio University offers research program for masters-level students in English, and allows exchange students with an excellent command of Japanese to take regular classes in Japanese.

The agreement is the outcome of a discussion between UNIL and Keio representatives during the 2019 APAIE Conference in Kuala Lumpur. With this new agreement, Keio University has now 6 agreements with Swiss Universities ongoing. Here, yearly 20 Japanese students and 20-30 students from Swiss Universities take part in exchange programs.

UNIL currently has agreements with nine Japanese universities throughout the country. Another recently signed faculty agreement with the Tohoku University includes projects funded by Movetia, which allows students from both sides to collaborate for the creation of a short film.