Science & Technology Office Seoul

The Science & Technology Office Seoul is a section of the Embassy of Switzerland in Korea and an integral part of the Swiss Knowledge Network, which is a key component of Swiss foreign policy to promote science, technology, innovation and higher education.

Our mission

The STO Seoul is...
the knowledge hub linking Swiss and Korean universities, research institutes, companies and startups.

The STO Seoul promotes...
Swiss excellence in science, technology and education and Switzerland's young creative entrepreneurs in Korea.

The STO Seoul supports...
- the creation of networks, partnership and collaboration efforts between Swiss and Korean scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and studentd.
- the Swiss universities, research institutes, companies and startups in building-up R&D and educational partnerships with Korean institutions.

The STO Seoul assists...
- the establishment and implementation of agreements between Swiss and Korean government ministries and agencies in science, technology and education.
- the Swiss government, Swiss research and educational institutions, as well as Swiss companies and startups finding information and contacts in Korea.
- Swiss institutions to gain inside-knowledge on Korea's science, technology and education.
- Korean institutions to find the best connections and opportunities for successful R&D and educational partnerships in Switzerland.

Our Team


Alessandra Apicella

Deputy Head

Jihyun Lim

Project Manager

Laura Acosta

Junior Project Manager

Ji Yeon Lee