swisstech @ Web Summit Rio 2024

Where the tech world meets - swisstech Pavilion @ Web Summit Rio (15-18 April, 2024)

swisstech @ Web Summit Rio goes into the second round

The first Web Summit outside of Europe took place in Rio de Janeiro from 1 to 4 May 2023 and brought together 21,000+ people and companies redefining the tech industry. The Swissnex team mobilized to give the 11 participating Swiss startups an unforgettable experience and position Switzerland as an innovation destination at one of the world’s most important tech conferences.

In 2024, from April 15-18, the Web Summit returns to Rio de Janeiro for another incredible event, bringing together 30,000+ attendees, 500+investors, 740+ journalists, 90+ countries, 170+ partners, and 970+ startups, including 10 Swiss tech-driven innovators looking to shape a sustainable tomorrow. 

For this unique opportunity, Swissnex has once again mobilized all resources to offer attractive packages for your participation under the roof of the swisstech pavilion. With the support of our partners, we assist you to meet Latin America’s most prominent players and unlock a new gigantic market.

We are actively seeking ten Swiss technology-based startups that are dedicated to shaping a sustainable tomorrow. If your startup is committed to innovation aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aims to contribute to a sustainable future for both the environment and society, we invite you to seize this opportunity to showcase your groundbreaking ideas and solutions on an international stage.

Together, let’s showcase the potential of Swiss technology to shape a better, more sustainable tomorrow. Join us in demonstrating how your innovation can play a vital role in creating a lasting impact on both the environment and society. This is your chance to be a catalyst for positive change and contribute to building a brighter and more sustainable future.

swisstech 2024

Why Brazil?

The CEO of Web Summit says: “South American tech is on fire, and Brazil is probably the hottest startup country in the world right now. It’s time South America had its global gathering of the tech community. And we think there’s no better city to host it than Rio.”

Brazil is a market of 216 million people and the 12th most powerful economy in the world. Its dimensions are continental, and its natural resources are rich and diverse. The country has the largest startup ecosystem in Latin America, and venture capital investments reached more than $10 billion in 2021, an increase of 128% compared to 2020. In the first three months of 2022, the Brazilian ICT sector grew by 300% compared to the previous year, and 19.5 Billion US$ was invested in Latin American startups in 2021. Brazil has long offered countless business opportunities for Swiss startups, and Web Summit Rio will provide an unprecedented chance to scale or validate your technology in a giant market. 

Swissnex in Brazil has been successful in internationalizing startups for nine years. We enable a soft landing and connect entrepreneurs with the right potential clients, strategic partners, and industry experts according to the startup’s needs and profile. Now, all relevant actors will meet in one space for the first time, opening the path for a successful market validation and entry.



Country information HERE.

What can you expect?

  • 3 tickets for you and your team
  • Startups concentrate on the networking, pitches, activation, and development of new partnerships and customer relations  – we organize your participation.
  • In-depth and tailor-made preparation phase with consultancies (online) about market intelligence, business culture, and the identification of potential partners and clients
  • Clear identification by the Swiss design – the SWISS identity has long been widely recognized as a symbol of high quality in Brazil.
  • The attractive stand design creates an inviting atmosphere
  • Use of the dynamic networking area for your customer meetings with screens to visualize your innovation
  • Designated pitch sessions on the stage of the swisstech Pavilion
  • Active participation through pitches and roundtable discussions within side events organized by Swissnex in Brazil
  • Starring in the event after movie organized by Swissnex in Brazil
  • Branding on-site and in all online communication of Swissnex in Brazil
  • Post-event follow-up and continued support from Swissnex in Brazil
  • Incl. Web Summit Startup Activation
    • Extra Exhibition space outside the swisstech pavilion
    • Opportunity to apply for Web Summit’s world-renowned PITCH competition and Startup Showcase.
    • Access to other startup activations
    • Company branding and profile feature on the Web Summit website and within the mobile application.
    • Access to the Web Summit mobile and web apps to build connections before (and during) the event and to curate your schedule.
    • Startup success manager from Web Summit to help with preparations pre-event.

Packages & Costs

  • 3 tickets for you and your team
  • All services mentioned above (What can you expect?)
  • Admission by Swissnex in Brazil and Web Summit. The eligibility is based on the maturity level, business model, social/environmental impact, and business potential for the Brazilian market.
  • Cost for Alpha Startups (early stage): CHF 2.000,00
  • Cost for Beta Startups (> US$1 million in investments): CHF 2.200,00


ADD-ON PROGRAMS (optional but highly recommended):

+ Internationalization Program:

  • Extended support by Swissnex and a stipend of CHF 3.000 (Market Validation) or CHF 6.000
  • Separate and independent application process and admission by Innosuisse

+ International Trade Fairs Program:

  • Financial contribution to fair-related expenses
  • Separate and independent application process and admission by Innosuisse (in partnership with Switzerland Global Enterprise)
  • Submission deadline: 09.02.2024


The swisstech participation is mandatory and can be complemented with all extra offers, which are highly recommended to leverage the full potential and to receive financial support. 

Admission to the optional programs is not guaranteed. They undergo a separate application process and require the startup to be active in the Innosuisse Coaching. Upon submission of your application for the swisstech participation, you will be contacted and receive further instructions and guidance.

Please get in contact with our Innovation & Startups Program Managers for clarifications or book a meeting directly through this LINK!

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