NexMR in Brazil: First benchtop NMR drug discovery

Get to know the spin-off startup from the ETH Zurich, NexMR, and learn more about their Market Validation Camp in Brazil.

– By Simone Ramseier & Diogo Penetra, Junior Project Managers at Swissnex in Brazil 

Swissnex in Brazil welcomed Félix Torres, CEO and co-founder of NexMR Startup startup, for their Market Validation Camp in Brazil. The Innosuisse Internationalization Program offers a unique opportunity for startups to test their product or service, gather valuable feedback, validate their market hypothesis to the country, and receive mentorship to adapt their innovation for the Brazilian market. Félix Torres’s engagement from February 19th to 28th, 2024, marks a significant milestone in NexMR’s journey towards global expansion.

NexMR, at its core, is revolutionizing the field of drug discovery with its pioneering platform. Distinguished by its affordability, maintenance-free operation, and provision of top-tier data for drug design, NexMR is poised to transform the drug design industry by offering rapid and precise methods accessible to the broader life science community.

“At NexMR, our goal is to develop best-in-class drug design technology and to distribute it to the broad drug discovery community” – Félix Torres, CEO of NexMR.

Rio de Janeiro

NexMR’s experience in Brazil began with eventful days in Rio de Janeiro. After arriving on Monday morning, Felix started at UFRJ, meeting with researchers and professors at the Institute of Medical Biochemistry to share insights about the current market and his research. In the afternoon, he gave a talk about NexMR in front of a lively group of students and researchers from different labs.

Felix’s journey continued on Tuesday with a visit to the Institute Fiocruz, followed by more discussions at UFRJ in the afternoon to continue to explore potential future collaborations. Wednesday morning included visiting our Swissnex office in Rio before heading straight to the airport for the next leg of his journey to São Carlos.

São Carlos (SP) & Riberião Preto (SP)

In São Carlos, from February 22nd to 26th, Félix conducted a workshop at the University of São Paulo’s Institute of Physics on Molecular Biology and Entrepreneurship. This engagement facilitated valuable connections within São Carlos’s vibrant ecosystem and concluded with a pitching session where students showcased their startup ideas.

Transitioning to Ribeirão Preto, Félix contributed his expertise at a seminar on Fragment Screening at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ribeirão Preto – USP, discussing the innovative application of photo-induced hyperpolarization for ultrafast NMR fragment screening.

Campinas (SP) & São Paulo

Félix’s journey also led him to the National Laboratory of Biosciences (LNBio) at the Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM), highlighting the interdisciplinary approach to scientific innovation. 

The camp ended with a visit to the Technological Research Institute (IPT) in São Paulo, where state-of-the-art laboratory infrastructure and a multidisciplinary team underscored the collaborative potential between NexMR and Brazilian research institutions.

Closing the camp

NexMR’s Market Validation Camp in Brazil concludes on a high note, with interactions and feedback unanimously positive from a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including academic researchers, industry professionals, and potential collaborators. This response underlines the universal appeal and potential impact of NexMR’s innovative drug discovery platform. The experience not only affirms the value of NexMR’s approach but also opens avenues for future collaboration and expansion in the Brazilian market. Through this endeavor, Swissnex in Brazil has demonstrated its pivotal role in linking Swiss innovation with global opportunities, setting the stage for NexMR’s continued growth and success on the international stage.

“Brazilian drug discovery plays at a global level with a focus on regional health challenges that could serve a massive market. The impulsion from governmental funding and top-notch facilities has the potential to propose Brazil as a new big player in the pharma market. Swissnex has been instrumental in connecting with well-established and emerging players that might become partners and customers.” – Félix Torres, CEO of NexMR

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