Taru Juurikko

Meet our Team

Our team is divided between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and represents Swissnex in Brazil. We are an international and dynamic team, connecting people and ideas in science, art and innovation.

Our Team

Taru Juurikko
CEO Ad Interim

Leonardo Machado

Leonardo is CEO ad interim of Swissnex in Brazil and is also in charge of Communications. Specialized in knowledge management, he joined Swissnex in 2017 and worked before in public, private, and third sector organizations, managing projects in education, public service, marketing, television, and others.
Taru Juurikko
Academic Relations Project Manager

Pedro Capra

As Academic Relations Project Manager, Pedro helps connect universities, think tanks, research institutions, professors and researchers to establish, and further develop, science and technology partnerships. He holds a PhD in Political Science from UNICAMP and spent time as Visiting Researcher first at the University of Zurich and later at the University of Fribourg. Since then he has been working closely with Latin Americanists from Switzerland and abroad.
Event and Project Manager

Gabriela Devaud

As Architect & Project Manager at swissnex in Brazil, Gabriela works to integrate architecture, design, and art into discussions around innovation, technology, and science. Prior to her position she worked as project manager for the Rio2016 Olympic Games and specialized in big events management and production. In parallel, she has been active in the concept planning of an art gallery. Gabriela has a MSc in Architecture and Urbanism from the ETH, and she also spent a semester at the TU Delft during her masters.
Taru Juurikko
Finance & Operations Manager

Philipp Hugentobler

As Finance & Operation Manager, Philipp is in charge of Finance, Administration, HR, and anything else that keeps the Swissnex offices running. He attended the University of Zurich in Switzerland and has a Bachelor’s in Communication and Business Administration.
Before swissnex, Philipp worked for the Swiss Government in the Defense Department, mainly with Accounting and Communications.
Taru Juurikko
Startups & Innovation Program Manager

Danielle Cohen

As Startups & Innovation Project Manager, Danielle Cohen assists Swiss startups in entering and validating their solutions in the Brazilian market and coordinates the Academia-Industry Training Program. Industrial Engineer, she has a background in technology and has already founded some startups.
Junior Project Manager

Vincent Neumann

As Junior Project Manager at Swissnex in Brazil, Vincent supports the team in their mission of connecting the dots between Switzerland and Brazil. He has a Bachelor degree in International Affairs from the University of St.Gallen and is currently enrolled in a Master of International Law. Brazil became the epicentre of his personal and professional journey when he first started working for a local NGO in 2019 and finally wrote his final thesis in and about Brazil.