Mobility Program: connecting Swissnex and ZHAW

In 2023, Swissnex in Brazil welcomed two professors through the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) Mobility Program with the Swissnex Network: Anna Wiedemann and Cathérine Hartmann. Get to know more and apply for 2024!

The experiences lived in Brazil by these two young and promising researchers allowed them to expand their scientific horizons and create excellent connections with companies, startups, and some of Brazil’s most renowned universities, such as USP, Unicamp, UFRJ, and Unifesp.

We invite you to read more about her journeys in Brazil and learn how to apply for you to be the next one to join us in the Mobility Program 2024.

Meet Anna Wiedemann

​​Anna Wiedemann focuses her research on Information Systems Development and Operations (DevOps). Upon arriving in Brazil in August 2023, Anna was welcomed by the Swissnex team, who organized two events to connect her with the Brazilian ecosystem. These were perfect opportunities to make her first contacts with professionals in the Brazilian market interested in applying the professor’s knowledge with companies that welcomed her for meetings throughout her time in Brazil.

Anna also strengthened her ties with the academic community in Rio de Janeiro, such as COPPE and UFRJ’s Polytechnic School. She was invited to take part in a seminar, see the facilities of some of its laboratories, and strengthen her ties with the institution’s professors and postgraduate students. She also went to Campinas, at the Unicamp Computing Institute, where she presented her research to colleagues and students of Professor Breno França.

The results were very satisfactory and should provide excellent opportunities for joint research between Anna and two of Brazil's largest universities.

Meet Cathérine Hartmann

In October, it was professor and environmental psychologist Cathérine Hartmann’s turn to visit Brazil. With the support of Swissnex, she connected with professors from various fields linked to implementing policies aimed at environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

At the brunch organized at the Swiss Official Residence in São Paulo, national reference centers in energy transition, such as RCGI and CPTEn, and ecosystem services, such as BPBES, were present and scheduled meetings to deepen the dialogue with Cathérine. On these occasions, which included a visit to Unifesp’s Center for Environmental Sciences, she was invited to participate in postgraduate programs as a guest lecturer and in projects currently being developed in partnership with the public and private sectors. Cathérine also met companies and startups linked to sustainability and visited the Ekos Institute project in the Peruaçu Caves National Park, strengthening her contact with the Brazilian reality.

Cathérine's stay ended with an exchange with Swissnex in Rio de Janeiro, where Talks @ Swissnex was organized with delicious coffee and croissants and attended by a diverse audience interested in her research and services.

In different ways, both Anna and Cathérine will be missed in Brazil. Two areas of knowledge and two personalities, vibrant and full of energy to deepen their technical knowledge. The two ZHAW professors also showed a keen interest in getting to know more about Brazil, the country attracting more and more high-level researchers due to the new economic outlook and an academic world increasingly connected to the best universities in the world.

How to apply for the Mobility Program?

To take part in the program, which every year is open to applications from ZHAW lecturers, researchers, and professors, all you have to do is send in a CV and fill in the information on the application form (for more information on this year’s applications, see here). Basically, you need to state your objectives, the activities you intend to carry out, and other information that will help the Swissnex team plan an excellent experience in Brazil.

Join us for an incredible opportunity to receive all the support you need for a short and intense period of immersion in Brazil’s academic and corporate world!