Meet our JPMs 2022-2023

After years of the pandemic, much work was done only through digital platforms and meeting people through the camera. It is finally time for us to grow our team in Rio and São Paulo. We welcomed Marysol Schelbert and Camila Schmalz as our new Junior Project Managers in September. Get to know them a little bit more below.

Meet Camila Schmalz

Direct, practical, and joyful, Camila loves the energy of São Paulo and practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu every day.

Having completed her Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of St. Gallen, Camila is now joining the team as Junior Project Manager at the São Paulo office.

Why Swissnex in Brazil?
It gathers the best aspects: Swiss quality work in the lively city of SP

What are your expectations for your time with Swissnex?
Getting fluent in seeing opportunities and acting on them. Becoming a professional connector, enabling and unleashing potential.

How can Swissnex help you in your professional journey?
Swissnex is active in many different projects. That allows its employees to evolve in a polyvalent way, getting in contact with many challenges and diverse persons.

Meet Marysol Schelbert

Patient, efficient, and cheerful, Marysol loves Rio, especially the beach, where she can be found with her surfboard every weekend.

Since her master’s exchange at FGV EBAPE in Rio de Janeiro, her interest in Brazil has grown significantly. Now, she has returned as a Junior Project Manager at our office in Rio de Janeiro.

Why Swissnex in Brazil?
Besides my exchange in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I wanted to gain valuable work experience in Brazil. Swissnex in Brazil offers this great opportunity to improve your knowledge about Brazil and to learn more about the connection Switzerland-Brazil.

What are your expectations from your time at Swissnex in Brazil?
I expect to learn a lot about the Brazilian market, including the innovation and startup ecosystem and how value co-creation happens between Switzerland and Brazil.

How can Swissnex help you in your professional journey?
Swissnex is an international ecosystem offering many opportunities, always connecting international markets with Switzerland as the center. This unique ecosystem fosters international collaboration and the exchange of ideas laying a great foundation for an international career.