Uniting the World of Fintech and Crypto

Switzerland and Brazil have emerging fintech and crypto industries, with numerous potential synergies in these areas. Taking place in the Web Summit context, this session explores these countries’ potential for collaboration in the fields mentioned above.

One of the main synergies is in the area of banking and finance. Switzerland is known for its strong banking sector, and many Swiss banks are exploring opportunities in fintech and cryptocurrencies. Brazil, on the other hand, has a large and rapidly growing financial market with a strong focus on digital banking and payments. By collaborating, Swiss and Brazilian companies could leverage their strengths and expertise to create new financial products and services catering to local and international markets.

Another area of potential synergy lies in the development of blockchain technology. Switzerland is home to several blockchain companies and is known for its favorable regulatory environment for crypto and blockchain startups. Meanwhile, Brazil has a growing interest in blockchain technology and has already implemented several blockchain-based projects in areas such as voting and supply chain management. By working together, Swiss and Brazilian blockchain companies could share knowledge and resources to develop this technology further and create new use cases.

Finally, there is potential for collaboration in the area of talent development. Both Switzerland and Brazil have strong educational systems and are investing in developing the skills needed for the digital economy. By sharing knowledge and collaborating on training programs, Swiss and Brazilian companies could help to develop the next generation of fintech and crypto professionals.


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