Kristina Tripkovic

Losses and Mourning: reflections of the pandemic

Join us on 28 October at 11:00 (Brazil)/16:00 (Switzerland) for a discussion, with Mariana Clark, on the collective grief we are experiencing in the aftermath of the pandemic, and how to overcome it.

In this second half of 2021, nineteen months after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we believe that it is necessary to talk about the collective grief we are experiencing. To open its 11th edition, Filmambiente asked psychologist, specialist in loss and grief, Mariana Clark, to help us understand how to deal with this grief that affects all of us, collectively, and the best way to overcome it.

“Talking about death is in fact very distressing but it keeps us away from illness processes. Thinking about losing people we love or thinking about our own death and leaving people we love is very scary.
However, every day it becomes more necessary and essential to talk about the imperatives and threats that this disease has imposed on us.
To move away from mental illness processes, it is very important to find safe and affectionate spaces to ventilate our pain. The glass is full, we are all overloaded, but at this moment it is important to look for solutions, within what is possible for each of us, to recover the trust and hope in our society, in the coming months and in our future.” – Mariana Clark