Startup Camps

For the past decade, Swissnex has helped some of the most promising Swiss startups connect with thriving local ecosystems in some of the world’s leading innovation hubs. As well as establish a foothold in new markets abroad. Swissnex partners with Innosuisse to offer Startup Internationalization Camps for global expansion. Innosuisse is the Swiss Innovation Agency and promotes science-based innovation in the interest of the economy and society in Switzerland.

  • Startup Internationalization Camp

    Validate the market potential of your business idea, optimize your product-market fit, and accelerate your market entry through our startup internationalization camps. Swissnex offers two types of camps, Market Validation and Market Entry.

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Market Validation Camp

The market validation camp offers you the opportunity to experience the target market in person, test your business idea on-site, talk to local experts and develop a tailored market entry strategy.

What do you get?

  • An individualized and tailor-made program with full-immersion in the target market of up to four weeks
  • An opportunity to validate and test your product, service, or business model on-site
    Scouting services and targeted introductions to potential customers, investors, and business partners
  • Internationalization mentoring and continuous guidance
  • Office and meeting space with on-site support
  • A stipend to cover a portion of your travel expenses (3’000 CHF)

Market Entry Camp

The market entry camp will catalyze your business expansion and accelerate your market entry, giving your startup a jump start in a new country.

What do you get?

  • An individualized and tailor-made program of up to three months to accelerate market entry
  • Office and meeting space with on-site support
  • Scouting services and targeted introduction to potential customers, investors and business partners
  • A stipend to cover a portion of your travel expenses (6’000 CHF)


Market Validation & Entry Camps

Who can take part?

  • Innovative Swiss startups that are enrolled in the Innosuisse coaching program (initial, core, or scale-up coaching)
  • Innovative Swiss startups that have been awarded the Innosuisse certificate within the past three years

How to apply?

  • Startups already enrolled in the Innosuisse coaching program can apply here
  • Startups not enrolled in the Innosuisse coaching must first apply for Innosuisse coaching.



Swissnex Virtual Startup Bootcamp

As part of the Startup Internationalization Camp, Swissnex offers a virtual startup bootcamp twice per year. This virtual bootcamp offers startups a unique opportunity to understand the fundamental business processes in the US better and acquire new contacts prior to their travels, making their time more efficient and productive when they come in person to the US East Coast.

During the two-week bootcamp, you will connect with experts from our ecosystems to discuss important topics such as legal questions, investment strategies, product validation, PR and brand strategy, and more.

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The Innosuisse Internationalization Camps are open to all Swiss startups in the Innosuisse Startup coaching program (pre-or post-label). Applications can be submitted on a rolling basis. Acceptance is based on predefined thresholds for quality, maturity, and fit for the respective market. Even if you are not an Innosuisse startup yet, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.