Powering Tomorrow: A Conversation About Energy Innovation

How do we speed up the transition to cleaner, smarter energy? What are the major policy decisions that will put smart technology solutions into practice? Join a conversation with key decision-makers from the US and Switzerland: Andrew Wishnia and Benoît Revaz.

Just as America reaffirms its commitment to a clean-energy future, this event will outline bold actions and strategies that will help get us there. A capstone public event to the 8th edition of the Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days, the conversation will bring together people and ideas from both sides of the Atlantic to tackle urgent challenges in the field of energy.

Event Program

In Boston (EDT)

11:30 am – Event begins, introductions
11:35 am – Brief remarks by Andrew Wishnia
11:45 am – Brief remarks by Benoit Revaz
11:55 am – Fireside conversation between speakers
12:10 am – Moderated Q&A
12:30 am – Event ends

In Switzerland

5:30 pm – Event begins, introductions
5:35 pm – Brief remarks by Andrew Wishnia
5:45 pm – Brief remarks by Benoit Revaz
5:55 pm – Fireside conversation between speakers
6:10 pm – Moderated Q&A
6:30 pm – Event ends

Featured Speakers