nextcasts: Space, Science, and Switzerland (Episode 3)

Bridging science and engineering with art and community.

Here is the final episode in our special podcast series produced in collaboration with the Consulate General of Switzerland in San Francisco titled Space, Science and Switzerland. Featuring expert interviews, the podcast explores Switzerland’s involvement in space research, challenges we face on Earth such as climate change, NASA’s recent Mission to Mars, and the role of international law and the UN in space.

In episode three, we bridge science and engineering with art and community, exploring not only the technicalities behind the missions to Mars, but also what it takes to set up a new society in Mars-like conditions if humans were to colonize the red planet in the future. Hear from Daniel Fürst, Vice President External Relations of Ruag Space, and artist/academic Gene Kogan, live from Mars College, a sustainable community being built in the Californian desert.

This episode is hosted by Perrine Huber and Jale Yoldas, and edited by Gravitr.