Swissnex Bridge – Silicon Valley Immersion Program August 2024

Together with Swiss USAccelerator, Swissnex in San Francisco is offering a program tailored for Swiss entrepreneurs looking to immerse themselves in the Silicon Valley ecosystem in August 2024.

Silicon Valley Immersion

Immerse yourself in the thriving Silicon Valley Innovation ecosystem.

The Swissnex Bridge – Silicon Valley Immersion program provides startups and entrepreneurs with a comprehensive immersion experience in the Silicon Valley ecosystem, enhancing their understanding of US business culture and fostering entrepreneurial growth.

The program adopts a holistic approach that emphasizes mindset cultivation, network expansion, and skills development, nurturing a growth mindset, and facilitating connections with local experts.

It fosters leadership skills so that entrepreneurs can successfully build and develop their startups and position their businesses sustainably in the market. The program is a collaboration between Swissnex in San Francisco and SWISS USAccelerator.

Swissnex in San Francisco
For over 13 years, Swissnex in San Francisco has supported the journey of Swiss startups planning to expand to the US. The 180 startups that have gone through Swissnex’s programs in San Francisco have collectively raised over $2.1 billion, and three of them are unicorns.

SWISS USAccelerator
SWISS USAccelerator specializes in linking Swiss entrepreneurs with a network of experts and organizations experienced in the US market entry. It connects them with both seasoned entrepreneurs and peers on a similar path. This network is dedicated to helping Swiss startups validate their products in the US, gain market intelligence, create essential connections, and develop clear, strategic plans for success.


Aug 19-20, Bern, Switzerland

Aug 26-30, San Francisco, USA

The program features in-person sessions in Switzerland and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Apply now

The Program in Detail

The program spans across seven days in Switzerland and the US, focusing on a holistic approach that cultivates a Silicon Valley mindset and provides networking opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Bern, Switzerland
Day 1 – 2 (Aug 19 – Aug 20), Laying the Silicon Valley Groundwork

  • History of Silicon Valley
  • Networking Mastery
  • Cultivate a Growth Mindset
  • Leadership Readiness
  • Learn from Role Models

San Francisco

Day 3 (Aug 26), Aligning Business with Broader Horizons

  • Impact Mindset
  • Navigating Business Cultures

Day 4 (Aug 27), Amplify your Voice & Vision

  • Storytelling Workshop
  • Value Proposition Canvas
  • Market Analysis Deep-Dive

Day 5-6 (Aug 28- Aug 29), Dive into the Tech World’s Epicenter

  • Silicon Valley Visit
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Day 7 (Aug 30), Conclusion

Two months later (Fall 2024), Alumni Meetup


Admission Criteria

In order to get the best experience, Swissnex Bridge participants need to fulfill certain admissions criteria.

Admissions criteria that prospective participants must meet:

Candidates must have a strong connection with Switzerland, demonstrating their intention to establish their business within the country.

Financial stability is also a must, as candidates should have or seek sufficient resources to cover participation costs and sustain operations.

For this Program, Candidates can’t have any affiliation with Innosuisse (Swissnex offers startup programs in the Innosuisse startup coaching program).

Furthermore, the program places a strong emphasis on the viability and potential of the candidates’ business ideas. Candidates should have their business ideas validated through market research or customer feedback, indicating a solid understanding of the market and customer needs. Additionally, candidates should possess a long-term strategy that includes potential entry into the U.S. market, showcasing their ambition and vision for growth. It is also important that the candidates’ business ideas align with Swissnex’s mission and values, ensuring a harmonious fit within the program’s objectives.

Lastly, we seek participants with a strong willingness to learn, the ability to commit the necessary time and effort, openness to challenge their mindset, and proficiency in English.

Further Information

Application process: 

  • Apply until May 24, 2024
  • Invitation for a short interview shortly after
  • Decision by June 7, 2024
  • Payment due by June 15, 2024


CHF 9000.—excl Travel Expenses, and the possibility of submitting an application to a foundation in order to receive support. Connect with Kaspar to learn more.

For more information and specific admission criteria, please contact Kaspar Zimmerli, Founder & Lead at SWISS USAccelerator.

Apply until May 24, 2024, to be part of this Cohort of Swissnex Bridge – Silicon Valley Immersion.