Metropolis Season on Nextcasts

Swissnex in San Francisco has released new podcast episodes! The six-episode Metropolis season of nextcasts explores the innovative solutions of the selected projects for the 20th anniversary program Metropolis.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — December 19, 2023

Wastewater management, concrete reuse, and a focus on supporting more sustainable practices in business – all of these topics and more were discussed in the six episodes of the Metropolis season of nextcasts. Over the half a dozen episodes, the CEO of Swissnex in San Francisco, Emilia Pasquier, talked with seven guests about developing our urban future more sustainably.

The first four episodes focused on the Swiss innovators in the field of sustainable urban development, all selected for the three-day Metropolis Program in San Francisco. They not only shared their insights into sustainable urban development and how we can tackle the existing challenges but also talked about their careers and gave other insights.

For the two last episodes, Emilia talked with Sara Skvirsky, research director at the Institute For The Future (IFTF) based in the Bay Area. They discussed the general outlook of sustainable urban development and the work of futurists in general.

Last but not least, Emilia sat down with the founder of Swissnex in San Francisco, Christian Simm, looking back at 20 years of Swissnex in San Francisco and looking forward to the next twenty next years. They also discussed what’s at the core of Swissnex and what makes the Swiss innovation hub unique.

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