Photograph: Ernst Kehrli

Meet Mikafi: Reshaping the Sustainable Coffee Experience

The founders of Mikafi, the Swiss digital coffee roastery, will be in San Francisco at Switzerland’s Innovation Outpost, Swissnex, during the Swiss Design Accelerator held at Pier 17.

In my opinion Mikafi is one of the most innovative and radical startups within the current coffee ecosystem.

— Prof. Dr. Chahan Yeretzian
Head of Coffee Excellence Center
University of Applied Science Zurich

Revolutionizing Coffee Consumption

Mikafi is a Swiss startup that revolutionizes the way we consume coffee – with coffee that for the first time ever can be created and roasted online or in a coffee shop location. The startup’s founders believe that in a world where sustainability, personalization, and quality experiences are becoming more and more important, coffee roasting must be rethought. That is how the team of five business enthusiasts/engineers/designers came to build a well synchronized coffee roasting ecosystem.

Part of this ecosystem is an electric tabletop roasting machine and a digital platform to manage coffee from farm to cup. The fully automated roasting service enables businesses selling coffee to serve the next generation of creative and sensuous coffee experiences with unique and ultimate fresh coffee.

Photograph: Ernst Kehrli

The Founders of Mikafi

Tons of Tech Behind Every Roast

From green beans to a cup of coffee – the mini-roasting machine MCR 1 is the first of its kind and the result of a two-year design process. The idea behind its design is to unveil the roasting process of the coffee, while hiding all the technically necessary components under a perforated surface. Currently in a test phase, it is developed to be used in restaurants, bakeries, and cafés. Without demanding any prior knowledge, different tastes and creations of coffee can be roasted on demand and right before the customers’ eyes. This not only prevents overproduction, it also replaces the use of gas by electrical power.

Mikafi’s digital service ecosystem connects coffee farmers, local hospitality businesses, and their consumers. To amplify learning from community preferences, raw coffee beans can be purchased from importers and roasted on the spot. This is how Mikafi provides local businesses with the future of coffee experience that increases their profitability, enables personalization, and guarantees sustainability from farm to cup. Furthermore, the concept is thought to foster a fairer and more direct trade between the coffee farmer and the consumer, and most of all to strengthen the taste experience of the latter.

Mikafi wants to become the world’s most beloved digital coffee roastery. Their mission is backed by ProHelvetia, InnoSuisse, other research grants, a VC, as well as private investors.

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