Biggest Trends of CES2024

To start 2024, Swissnex in San Francisco was amongst the Swisstech delegation at CES2024. Read all about the biggest trends at the worlds most influential tech event.

Biggest Trends of CES2024

Imagine standing amidst the world’s largest tech conference, surrounded by the glitz of Las Vegas and 120,000 attendees, ranging from visionary startups to seasoned investors, industry gurus, and the media. Welcome to CES2024!

Our CEO, Emilia Pasquier, and our Programs Associate, Matteo Cariglia, attended the trade show in Las Vegas. They were on a quest to forge connections with the most promising Swiss startups looking to broaden their horizons in the U.S. market. Moreover, as it did last year, Swissnex was also there to absorb and bring back the fresh tech trends emerging from the conference. Reflecting on last year’s emphasis on future-proofing technology, CES 2024 has taken these concepts further, showcasing tangible advancements in sustainable tech and cyber-resilient innovations.

At CES 2024, AI wasn’t just a feature but the core of many products, signaling a shift towards ‘human by design’ technology. AI is no longer confined to high-tech applications; it’s in everyday items, making them smarter and more responsive to human needs, personalizing our experiences. AI-enhanced appliances now learn from our habits, while cars adapt to our driving styles. Technology powered by AI is becoming more than just functional; it’s becoming an empathetic, understanding part of our daily existence.

Digital health at CES 2024 went beyond wearables and fitness trackers. We saw a surge in AI-driven personalized healthcare, telemedicine, and health monitoring systems. Innovations like AI for real-time health data analysis and machine learning algorithms for predictive diagnostics are transforming healthcare into a more preventative field.

Energy technology at CES 2024 is all about practical, sustainable innovations. The spotlight is on electric vehicles, with remarkable improvements in battery life and charging techniques. Portable and integrated home batteries and generators are also featured, signaling a shift towards more self-reliant, greener energy solutions.

Gaming at CES 2024 wasn’t just about play; it was a showcase for immersive tech’s potential across the board. The depth of panel discussions — from ‘gaming beyond leisure’ to ‘accessible gaming’s evolution’ — was eye-opening. There was talk about AI’s role in game creation, how blockchain is reshaping player involvement, and fresh takes on business models in gaming. It was a vivid display of how VR/AR isn’t just about games anymore; it’s about expansive, interactive experiences that cross into everyday life and work.

Swissnex in San Francisco’s upcoming programs pick up on these trends and support Swiss innovators making a dent in those crucial industries:  the Health-tech Startup Bootcamp in Los Angeles by the end of January and a subsequent Climate Tech Startup Bootcamp in March. As always, we’ll be present at GDC 2024, showcasing the finest Swiss indie games. At the same time, we’re collaborating with Swiss universities through the Sabbatical Program. These initiatives reflect our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation and education, connecting the dots between Switzerland and the Bay Area.