Installation Image G.Map presented at Gwangju: Courtesy Marc Lee

Capturing Human’s Impact on Biodiversity through Citizen Science

An Exhibition with a Swiss Italian perspective presented as part of the Italian Language Week this October at Swissnex.

September 16, 2022

Swissnex in San Francisco is pleased to present Swiss artist Marc Lee’s project Used to Be My Home Too as a key part of a series of programs and events highlighting Ticino, the Italian speaking canton of Switzerland, organized by the Consulate General of Switzerland and in parallel to the Italian Language Week this October in San Francisco.

Used to Be My Home Too will allow visitors to experience an expansive visual database of flora and fauna from around the world including Ticino, at Swissnex in San Francisco at Pier 17 from October 14 until November 10, 2022.

Lee utilizes Google Earth as a platform to fly viewers globally as citizen scientists to share biodiversity observations through the social network and mobile application iNaturalist. iNaturalist was recently acquired by the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco and has a growing community of millions of naturalist explorers from around the world. Through this format, the efforts of these naturalists genuinely make a difference in understanding the diversity of life and how to sustain it through the unfolding climate crisis.

Marc Lee explains how Used to Be My Home Too engages visitors in a discussion about “how we humans have become biodiverse agents interacting with the most fundamental processes of our Earth.” He continues, “In this experiment, you fly via Google Earth continuously to the exact locations where animal, fungus and plant observations are being photographed in real time and sent to

In addition, taxonomically similar species that occurred in the same country and are endangered or became extinct within the last 30 years are automatically added from the Established in 1964, the Switzerland based International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species has evolved to become the world’s most comprehensive information source on the global extinction risk status of animal, fungus and plant species.

Installation Image G.Map presented at HEK Basel: Courtesy Marc Lee

The Swissnex presentation of Marc Lee’s Used to Be My Home Too will share space with an exhibition of photography by Ticino-based artist Flavia Leuenberger Ceppi produced by the Consulate General of Switzerland in San Francisco. Leuenberger Ceppi’s Swiss Rocks series, which will be displayed on the exterior along Pier 17, shows images of the remote Valle Bavona, which is only accessible in the summer months.

Moghegno – Monterey shows portraits of Californians who originally came from Ticino. First, second, and third generations are depicted in their American homes and places of work, while referencing their Swiss roots. Lee’s Used to Be My Home Too provides a bridge between the two bodies of photographs by furthering Leuenberger Ceppi’’s discussions about human migration and land use by introducing issues related to species extinction, human impact on biodiversity, and what citizens can do to help record a rapidly changing planet.

Exhibition Details

Used to Be My Home Too by Marc Lee
On view at Swissnex in San Francisco, Pier 17, San Francisco
October 14–November 10, 2022
Open Viewing Hours: Monday, Thursday and Friday, 10am–2pm
Learn more about the work here.
Register to attend here.

Swiss Rocks (outdoor exhibition)
October 14–December 16, 2022
Moghegno–Monterey (indoor exhibition)
October 17–November 10
Viewing Hours for Indoor Exhibition:
Monday, Thursday, and Friday, 10am–2pm
Open House for Indoor Exhibition:
October 16, 2022
Register to attend here.
To register for a guided tour, send an email to: [email protected]

Produced by the Consulate General of Switzerland
On view at Swissnex in San Francisco, Pier 17, San Francisco



Consulate General of Switzerland celebration of Ticino also includes:

Ticino in Literature–A Prelude to Italian Language at LITQUAKE on October 15 at the Italian Cultural Institute in San Francisco: An evening with Swiss authors Fabiano Alborghetti, 2018 Swiss Literature Award, and Fabio Andina, Swiss public television RTS “Prix du public” winner. The event will be accompanied by live music and end with a reception with wine from Ticino. This event is a collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in San Francisco. (Tickets are available here)

Ticino in Film–Celebrating Italian Language Film From Switzerland on October 18 at the Roxie Theatre: MONTE VERITÀ (2021) by Stefan Jäger, and ATLAS (2021) by Niccolò Castelli. Tickets are available here.

Ticino in Innovation–Promises of Decentralized Finance on October 28 at Swissnex in San Francisco: Switzerland at Pier 17 will virtually connect to the Plan ₿ Forum in Lugano, Ticino. Local and Swiss experts will discuss «Promises of Decentralized Finance». This is an event organized by Swissnex in San Francisco (details soon to be announced).

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