Photograph: Barak Shrama

ZHAW Staff Mobility Program 2022

Staff of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) have the option to visit the San Francisco Bay Area for a two-week sabbatical to connect with the local ecosystem and to work on their research project.

Mobility Program

This year, Swissnex is hosting a total of three cohorts of ZHAW staff members visiting the San Francisco Bay Area for a two-week sabbatical. The goal of the program is to connect with the Bay Area ecosystem to advance their research project.

ZHAW staff members are given the opportunity to travel to a Swissnex location of their choice for a duration of two weeks. The idea is that ZHAW staff in all organizational units use the opportunity to expand their international and intercultural knowledge in connection with research projects, teaching assignments, advanced training, administration, information technology, finances, legal practice, communication, etc. for long-term impact.

Swissnex provides the ZHAW staff members with the necessary mindset, skillset, and network they need to connect with the local ecosystem successfully. The aim is to strengthen the international network and intercultural competencies of staff across ZHAW.

The disciplines and fields of expertise of the different ZHAW staff members joining this program are very diverse. Reach out to Swissnex in SF if you are interested in connecting with any of the ZHAW staff members listed below.

ZHAW Staff Members in the Mobility Program 2022

Cohort 1 | July 25th – August 5th, 2022

  • Albena Björk (strategic management, strategic communication, marketing, design, new technologies & interdisciplinary skills for increased resilience of Businesses and Individuals)
  • Christina Schulze (planning & building public play grounds, childhood development, child socialization, pediatrics, occupational therapy, effect of outdoor play, community environment on a child’s learning and everyday activities)
  • Martin Schnauss (interconnections between complexity theory, blockchain, and the Real Estate market; How the use of Blockchain technology together w/ building information modeling can contribute to increasing efficiency in a globalized world)
  • Michael Kauer (real estate and Infrastructure development, corresponding need for facility management & creating a sustainable life cycle of real estate)

Cohort 2 | August 29th – September, 9th 2022

Andreas Buchs
Marcel Sieber
Markus Hackenfort

(more details to follow)

Cohort 3 | October 10th – October 14th, 2022

Gabriele Hasenberg
Marion Huber

(more details to follow)