Trust Valley Meets Silicon Valley

Trust Valley Meets Silicon Valley

Exploring the relationship between trust and digital transformation to address the digital challenges society is faced with today.

Trust Valley Meets Silicon Valley

We live in complex times where exploring the most pressing questions at the crossroads of technology and humanity is imperative for the future of our society. At the heart of this process, we find trust. Trust emerges as the backbone of a digital transformation that is needed to address the digital challenges society is faced with today.

How do we build trust in complex times? How do we approach trust as we design digital technologies? These are some of the pressing questions we will explore on Wednesday 24 March in the first edition of “Trust Valley meets Silicon Valley”. “Trust Valley meets Silicon Valley” is an initiative bringing together the brightest minds and subject-matter experts from two leading global hubs in technology leadership and cybersecurity: Switzerland and the Bay Area in the United States. What can Switzerland and the Bay Area learn from each other when trust is the key link between technology and society?
As the world’s humanitarian and internet governance capital, Switzerland hosts a rich digital trust and cybersecurity ecosystem such as the Trust Valley–an alliance supported by multiple public, private and academic players based in Switzerland. This event will offer a chance to introduce several startups going through Trust Valley’s Tech4Trust acceleration program and showcase concrete applications that are the link between trust and technology. Join us on Wednesday, 24 March at 8am in San Francisco, and 4pm in Switzerland.


  • 8:00am – Welcome by the Consul of Switzerland in San Francisco, Benedikt Wechsler
  • 8:05am – In conversation with Mitchell Baker
  • 8:25am – 1st round startups – Questions from Gioia Deucher, CEO swissnex SF
  • 8:40am – Panel: Exploring trust and the future of digital privacy solutions with Brandie Nonnecke, Heather Loomis and Yves Daccord
  • 9:05am – 2nd round startups – Questions from Karine Wittmer, Trade Commissioner Swiss Global Enterprise/SBH USA
  • 9:20am – Wrap up and next steps by Lennig Pedron, Trust Valley Director and Yannick Heiniger, Deputy CEO swissnex SF
  • 9:30am – Networking with all the panel speakers

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Mitchell Baker
Mitchell Baker

CEO, Mozilla Corporation

Mitchell Baker co-founded the Mozilla Project to support the open, innovative web and ensure it continues offering opportunities for everyone. As CEO of Mozilla Corporation, Mitchell is focused on accelerating the growth levers for the core Firefox browser product and platform, while investing in innovative solutions to mitigate the biggest challenges facing the internet. As Chairwoman of Mozilla for the last two decades, Mitchell Baker has been responsible for organizing and motivating a massive, worldwide, collective of employees and volunteers who are building the internet as a global public resource, open and accessible to all. Mitchell is deeply engaged in developing product offerings that promote the mission of empowering individuals. She also guides the overall scope and direction of Mozilla’s mission.

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This event is co-organized by swissnex San Francisco, Trust Valley, the Consulate General of Switzerland in San Francisco, Switzerland Global Enterprise/Swiss Business Hub USA, and the Greater Geneva Bern Area.