Photograph: Swissnex in San Francisco

The Future is Served: A Dinner around Food Resilience

Enjoy a 4-course tasting menu and exchange ideas with experts from the food industry in the Bay Area and in Switzerland on how we can collaborate to achieve a more resilient food future.

The Future of Food Resilience

Join us for a tasting menu and discuss the challenges our current food system faces during moments of crisis while exploring solutions with a diverse group of people from the food industry.

In the spirit of the San Francisco Bay Area of cross-sector collaboration, we are convening innovators, thinkers, advocates and visionaries who care about a resilient food system so we can overcome the scarcity mindset and discuss how we could build on each other’s solutions during an informal sit-down dinner.

We are joined by a group of executives from leading Swiss food companies for this invite-only event.

The 4-course tasting menu is all about plants—whether you now think of alternative meat products, new twists to old favorites or just responsibly sourced choices, you will be served, all prepared by a professional chef.

This event is co-organized by Swissnex in San Francisco and Farming Hope, a paid garden-to-table culinary job training non-profit.

This is an invite-only event. If you are interested in joining, please request an invite through the link provided and we will get back to you. The registration fee will cover the 4-course tasting menu.