Photograph: Myleen Hollero

Swiss Design Accelerator 2022

Three design studios are participating in the Swiss Design Accelerator this November with the goal of creating international visibility for emerging Swiss designers and building meaningful connections with relevant players from the Bay Area design industry.


Connecting Swiss Designers with the US Industry.

Taking place from November 7–13, 2022, the accelerator program will introduce the selected Swiss designers to the US market, with a focus on the Bay Area ecosystem and design industry. The goal of the program is to build meaningful connections with relevant industry players and create business opportunities. Swissnex’s experience and established network will enable the studios to access key industry experts from the US West Coast and to reach their entrepreneurial goals.

The Program

Swissnex in San Francisco and Pro Helvetia jointly announce the second edition of the Swiss Design Accelerator, offering a selection of young Swiss talents a tailor-made coaching, skill development and matchmaking program in San Francisco.

This program includes:

  • One-on-one pre-program coaching with industry experts to define the goals for each design studio and understand the US business culture
  • Business coaching: how to build your business and accelerate it
  • Visibility on the US West Coast through events, content and media
  • Leveraging design for impact and design for social responsibility
  • Mentoring with local experts and visits to relevant design companies
  • Workshops on relevant tools for the US market (presenting the studio in the local context, intellectual property)
  • A tailor made matchmaking program based on the studio’s entrepreneurial goals
  • Financial support for travel and accommodation expenses

Participating Design Studios