Storytelling Camp 2021Photograph: Patrick Züst

Storytelling Camp 2021

A week-long educational storytelling program for students selected by the Swiss Study Foundation.

The Camp

Empowering next-gen innovators with storytelling skills for leadership.

The Storytelling Camp 2021 is a week-long educational storytelling program of workshops led by experts in various fields, organized by Swissnex in San Francisco and the Swiss Study Foundation. The program is characterized by the Silicon Valley ecosystem and mindset and aims to empower the next generation of innovative storytellers and provide them with insights into the American style of storytelling which focuses on a personal journey, someone’s background, their purpose, and their passion to weave a powerful story with one important protagonist: the individual. Students will learn how to use these skills for communicating and pitching, and will learn how to create their own story by analyzing how others tell their story. At the end of the program, participants will present in a PechaKucha style presentation using 20 images that autoadvance every 20 seconds.