Photo Credit: Ana Teresa Fernández, On the Horizon Project with Performer Liony Garcia, Miami, FL, 2022 

Rising Seas: Bridging Three Perspectives for Action

Be prepared to feel inspired and empowered to make a meaningful impact: Hear from an artist, a scientist, and an architect about the impact of rising sea levels in the Bay Area and explore strategies for a more resilient future.

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“We are the source of rising sea levels. We are the melting glaciers and the threatened coastal communities.” – Ana Teresa Fernández

As the Bay Area experiences more frequent weather extremes, from devastating floods to scorching droughts, the impact of climate change on our communities has become all too clear. With sea levels projected to rise by nearly seven feet by 2100, we must start exploring what it means for our future and what we can do to protect it.

Join us as we bring together a trio of visionary thinkers—the internationally renowned Bay Area artist Ana Teresa Fernández, architect Liz Ranieri, and scientist Letitia Grenier—to delve into the crucial topic of rising sea levels and its effects on the Bay Area. The event will include some of Fernández’ art work, On the Horizon and Under Pressure that invites the audience to experience the reality of a planet under pressure.

This event will not only display the speakers’ achievements and discoveries, but also encourage a meaningful discussion about the part each of us can play in making a positive impact. By the end, you will feel motivated, educated, and equipped to bring about change. Let’s join forces and build a more resilient future for both the environment and our societies.


  • 5:30pm – Doors open
  • 6:00pm – Event starts
  • 6:40pm – Moderated panel discussion
  • 7:10pm – Q&A
  • 7:30pm – Networking & light refreshments
  • 8:30pm – Event ends

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