Next Stop: Hyperloop

Next Stop: Hyperloop in Switzerland

Discover Switzerland’s approach to the future of vacuum transportation.

Next Stop: Hyperloop in Switzerland

Learn how Switzerland is envisioning and advancing the future of mobility. Join us for our live panel with a very special message from the President of the Swiss Confederation Guy Parmelin and a conversation between Swiss Hyperloop stakeholders.

Our four-part series, Next Stop: Approaching the Future of Mobility, intends to bring together experts from the United States and Switzerland to examine new methods of transportation and innovations in mobility and technology. Supported by the valuable inputs of mobility experts, Micromobility, Mobility Simulation, Hyperloop and Autonomous Vehicles will make up the four research topics of this series. Each of these topics will be introduced in detail and will feature a mix of panel discussions and presentations of thought-leaders, exhibitions from leading startups, insights into the most innovative new vehicles, networking opportunities and more. Second Stop: Hyperloop. How do we envision the future of mobility, and how do we make it a reality? The Swiss public and private sectors are working together towards making vacuum-based transportation a reality in the near future.

With the support of the Swiss Government, mobility and transportation stakeholders are advancing future technologies that could soon revolutionize travel. Join the conversation with experts from Switzerland to learn more about the future of transportation and how these new services can be integrated into the urban mobility landscape. This is the second conversation of the four part series Next Stop: Approaching the Future of Mobility that surfaces ideas and insights from mobility experts in four main areas: micromobility, simulation of mobility, hyperloop, and autonomous vehicles. This series is a collaboration between the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), and swissnex San Francisco, and will feature a mix of panels and presentations with thought-leaders, presentations from leading startups, insights into the most cutting-edge new vehicles, networking opportunities, and more.


  • 10:00am – Introduction by Andreas Jossen, Head of Technology & Innovation Outpost USA, SBB CFF FFS and Nicola Ruffo, Head of Public Programs, swissnex SF
  • 10:05am – Message from the President of the Swiss Confederation Guy Parmelin
  • 10:10am – Swiss hyperloop panel (moderated by Dominik Scherrer)
  • 10:50am – Premiere Vision-Video Eurotube
  • 10:55am – Conclusion

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Dominik Scherrer
Dominik Scherrer

Management Trainee

Dominik is coordinating the topics of vacuum transportation and magrail for Switzerland’s largest public transportation provider SBB CFF FFS. Part of his task is follow the most recent developments and to connect with initiatives and other mobility providers on the topic. Prior to being in the technology management branch, Dominik has worked within Passenger Railway operations and a major digitalization project within SBB.



This event is presented in partnership with the Swiss Federal Railways SBB CFF FFS.

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