Photo: Leyla Ismen

Carbon Dioxide Removal Conference San Francisco

The CDR San Francisco conference brings together the global leaders in Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) to discuss the current state of CDR, the trillion dollar market opportunity and ways to scale the industry to reach climate significant impact.

CDR San Francisco

The CDR San Francisco conference unites global leaders in Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR). 2023 is a record-breaking year for the industry, counting several impressive CDR purchases, new innovations and political tailwinds. At the same time, the path to 10Gt in 2050 is incredibly long.

This event is a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of making carbon removal a collective effort. In an invite-only setting, Airminers, Carbonfuture, Carbon Removal Partners, Heirloom, Lithos, Remove and XPrize partner with Swissnex to combine voices from innovators, researchers, policy makers, investors, buyers and other market-makers.

Throughout the day, there are several panel talks with leading CDR shapers, covering the most relevant questions for radical scaleup and innovation. We discuss the current state of CDR, the trillion-dollar market opportunity and global CDR opportunities. We touch upon the most pressing questions the industry is facing, such as measuring, reporting and verification (MRV) and the radical scaleup need of technical CDR to reach climate significant levels.

Located at the historic port of San Francisco and supported by Swissnex as an innovation platform, the event is made to build connections and spark the next wave of brilliant ideas to push the frontiers of CDR.

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  • 10:00am – Welcome coffee & croissants
  • 10:20am – Opening words by Swissnex
  • 10:30am – PANEL 1: CDR radical scaleup potential (Climeworks, XPRIZE)
  • 11:00am – PANEL 2: CDR TAM 2030 (Heirloom, BCG)
  • 11:30am – Keynotes by Inplanet, Carbon Removal India Alliance and
  • 12:00pm – Lunch & Networking
  • 1:00pm – Panel 3: Leading CDR MRV approach by XPRIZE, Icarus, CO280, Carbonfuture and NETL DAC Capture Center
  • 1:30pm – Panel 4: CDR policy opportunities US by Carbonfuture, DOE and Carbon180
  • 2:00pm – Startup Pitches curated from Airminers and Remove
  • 2:30pm – Keynotes by DoE, XPRIZE and DeepSky
  • 3:00am – Coffee & Networking
  • 3:15pm – Panel 5: CDR as a once in a decade investment opportunity by Airminers
  • 3:45pm – Fireside Chat by Carbonfuture
  • 4:00pm – Panel 6: The role of Carbon Removal in the Future of cities by Swissnex
  • 4:20pm – Swiss Cheese & Networking

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