Beyond Earth | Exploring Life in Extreme Conditions

Be a part of an extraordinary voyage through the intersections of art, extreme environments, and the indispensable adaptations for space habitation. Explore the work of the collective MATZA and join an insightful discussion with experts.

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What makes an environment extreme? Why do humans live and look for it? How do they adapt collectively?

Séverin Guelpa led the collective MATZA through a 10-year-long journey through the desert (Mojave), the glacier (Aletsch), and the “superstructure” (a construction site in Geneva).

Their exploration is rooted in a desire to reconsider ways of living together, reflecting the aspirations of a society in profound transformation. The definition of extreme conditions, the challenges, the solutions, and the psychological mindset of people have been the center of the artwork.

Challenging ourselves, we unite this with the most extreme environment known to humanity as scientists devise mechanisms to confront the conditions encountered by astronauts in space.

On the occasion of the publication of the book that encapsulated these experiences, Séverin Guelpa and Anja Wyden Guelpa will present their art and thoughts through an art installation followed by a panel discussion with NASA scientist Lynn J. Rothschild and anthropologist Sarah E. Vaughn.



April 11, 2024

  • 5:30pm – Doors Open
  • 6:00pm – Welcome by Swissnex
  • 6:05pm – Artwork Presentation by Séverin Guelpa
  • 6:15pm – Second Presentation
  • 6:35pm – Panel Discussion
  • 7:15pm – Q&A
  • 7:25pm – Networking reception
  • 9:00pm – Event ends

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