Photograph: Enrica Cavalli

Swiss Startups Launch into the USA

As part of Switzerland's efforts to empower next-gen innovators on the West Coast through the Swissnex Startup Bootcamp, we highlight KITRO, the winner of the Startup Bootcamp Pitch Night. Using an AI driven solution, KITRO mitigates food waste and recuperates losses. Discover more about KITRO and seven more participating startups creating impact with new tech solutions in the hospitality, Al, supplements and Web3.

October 6, 2022

Congratulations KITRO for winning the Startup Bootcamp Pitch Night–Fall Edition

Eight Swiss startups presented their products on Tuesday, October 4 at the Startup Bite Pitch Night, which is an integral part of the Swissnex Startup Bootcamp taking place in San Francisco twice a year at Pier 17. The bootcamp is organized in partnership with Innosuisse and gives startups the platform to explore the US market and build business relationships in the US. The current camp participants come from a range of industries mirroring the evolution of the Swiss startup ecosystem: hospitality, Al, supplements and Web3.

The winner of the Startup Bootcamp Pitch Night is KITRO, a Swiss startup mitigating food waste and recuperating losses using an AI driven solution. Naomi MacKenzie, the Co-CEO and Co-Founder, pitched the product and shares her experience from the Bootcamp thus far: “Exploring the startup landscape, the consumer mentality and our industry’s needs in San Francisco has been eye opening for KITRO as we begin conceptualizing a plan for market expansion. It has been a great experience to learn, explore and reflect with and from the rest of the cohort startups during the Swissnex market validation camp.”

The Swissnex Startup Bootcamp is part of the Innosuisse internationalization camps that present a stepping stone for companies seeking to grow their business beyond Switzerland and offer a rich program. The Bootcamp includes skill-building workshops to deep-dives into the entrepreneurship ecosystems and networking sessions to connect startups with potential investors and partners. Startups will also benefit from hands-on engagement with local experts and 1:1 coaching sessions over several months to reach their individual business milestones.

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