Swiss VPET Alliance in China

The Swiss VPET system

The Swiss VPET system is closely tied to the labor market. Students gain real-world experience through paid apprenticeships. The system connects companies and schools, allowing for shared talent development costs. The Swiss government oversees a nationwide apprenticeship market, matching students with host companies. VPET consists of upper-secondary level vocational education and training (VET) and tertiary-level professional education, supplying Swiss companies with skilled talent annually.

In Switzerland, roughly two-thirds of young people choose vocational education and training (VET), which provides a strong foundation in a specific occupation. VET programs follow a dual-track approach, combining part-time classroom instruction at a vocational school with part-time workplace training at a host company. Professional education at the tertiary level also involves a combination of classroom instruction and work-based training.

VPET Alliance

The Swiss VPET Alliance in China is a collaboration between SwissCham and Science Technology and Education Office at the Swiss Embassy. The Alliance assembles representatives of Swiss companies in China, who contribute towards skills-based training in China by offering VPET services of their own. The founding members of the VPET Alliance are ABB, CieCAS, EHL, Georg Fischer GF, Novartis, Schindler, and Sika. These companies are highly invested into the Chinese market, they are contributing to the development of skills in China and have brought Swiss-style VPET to China, adapted to local conditions.


SwissCham and the Swissnex network pursue their objectives with the VPET Alliance through:


  1. VPET Roadshows to help Swiss companies increase the visibility of their skills-based training to local policymakers and educational stakeholders.
  2. Our White Paper analyses the Swiss and Chinese VPET system and takes stock of Swiss Companies’ projects and their needs to grow and scale.
  3. Initiating and moderating discussions among the Alliance members in order to identify common synergies and joint initiatives aimed at strengthening knowledge exchange and organizing roadshows.

White Paper

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Chenchen Liu

Senior Science Officer at the Science Technology and Education Office at the Swiss Embassy.

For any questions or inquiries, please contact Chenchen Liu.

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