Swiss Agri-Food-Tech Startups Demo Day

Join us for the Virtual Demo Day with seven Swiss AgriTech and FoodTech startups pitching their projects!


China Agri-Food-Tech Bootcamp 2021, organized by Swissnex in China and Innosuisse, offers Swiss AgriTech & FoodTech startups to take a deep dive into the China market while leveraging the exciting opportunities within the world’s largest and most dynamic sustainable Agri-Food space. The program provides tailored support to participating startups via virtual workshops, exclusive pitch sessions to investors, IP & regulation consulting, as well as market research reporting, connecting them with investors, industry experts and potential partners, while maximizing their exposure to a broad audience in China.

As part of the bootcamp, the seven participating Swiss AgriTech & FoodTech startups are to virtually pitch their products or services!

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Agenda | 活动流程

* Time in China 北京时间

15:00 – 15:05 Opening Talk | 欢迎致辞

Dr. Felix Moesner, Science Consul & CEO, Swissnex in China | 瑞士科技文化中心 科学领事兼总裁 孟善能博士 

Liang Jieyi, Chairman, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Henan Sub-council | 中国国际贸易促进委员会河南省委员会 会长 梁杰一

15:05 – 15:12 Keynote Speech: Lower cost but more benefits to enter China market: How could startups be accelerated by cities/governments in China | 低成本高效益的进入中国市场:中国的城市/政府如何加速初创企业发展

Ocean Zhou, City Innovation Platform Director | Plug and Play China 中国城市创新项目总监 周涵洋

15:12 – 15:20 Keynote Speech: The Swiss AgriFood Innovation Ecosystem – the Fastlane to healthier, more tasty and more sustainable food | 瑞士农业食品创新生态系统——通往更健康、更美味和更可持续食品的快车道

Dr. Fabian Wahl, Head of Strategic Research Division and Member of the Executive Board of Agroscope | 瑞士农业研究卓越中心 战略研究部门负责人兼董事会成员 Fabian Wahl博士

15:20 – 16:30 Startup Presentations + Q&A (10’/startup) | 企业路演及问答环节(每家企业10分钟)

16:30 – 16:35 Closing Remarks | 总结

Startup Information | 企业介绍

AgroSustain | Olga Dubey | One-Stop-Shop Solution for Biological Plant Protection 提供植物保护生物技术的一站式解决方案

AgroSustain, a spin-off from the University of Lausanne, launched in May 2018 – a one-stop-shop solution for biological plant protection. It aims to reduce food waste and support organic food production by developing farm to fork solutions, like biological fungicides and coatings. Its products permit to maintain high food quality in the entire logistic chain.



aikemy | Agata Sroka | Low-Cost AI + Sensors to Boost Yield, Reduce Waste and Better Safety 增加产量、减少浪费、更加安全的低成本AI + 传感器

aikemy’s vision is to empower anyone to do real-time analytics of food and materials at ultra-low-cost to optimize their work, boost yield, reduce waste and improve safety conveniently. Often, to know critical data time-consuming and expensive laboratory tests are necessary. Too often, people in charge get only fragmented information. aikemy builds a leading technology – AI and sensors – that lets people get the right data and answer complex questions quickly and make better data-driven decisions and operations.



Cormo | Stefan Grass | Sustainable Materials from Corn Straw玉米秸秆转化为可持续材料

Cormo AG is a specialized producer of sustainable industrial raw materials. Cormo developed a patented process for production of the peat substitute TEFA and the plant foam BABS from maize stems. It owns an industrial production facility in France, supplies first customers and cooperates with a renowned industrial plant supplier. Process patents have been granted in Europe, the USA and China.

Cormo是一家专业生产可持续工业原料的公司。Cormo公司开发了一种专利工艺,可用玉米秸秆生产泥炭替代品TEFA和植物泡沫BABS。公司在法国拥有一个工业生产设施,已开始为首批客户供货,并与一家著名的工业用植物供应商合作。公司已 在欧洲、美国和中国获得工艺专利。


Embion Technologies | Georgios Savoglidis | Catalyzing the Future of Nutrition驱动营养的未来

Embion Technologies, a biotechnology spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) founded in 2016, aims to disrupt the food, feed and chemicals sectors by enabling the production of specialty and commodity products for these markets from renewable resources through its unique, infinitely scalable, platform processing technology. It innovates with brilliant plant-based technologies to customize unique nutrition at exceptional speed.

成立于2016年的Embion Technologies是一家衍生于洛桑联邦理工学院的生物科技企业。旨在通过独特的、可无限扩展的平台加工技术,利用可再生资源,高效生产特种和大宗产品,为食品、饲料以及化工行业带来颠覆性的解决方案。通过基于植物的创新技术,它可以为用户高效快速地定制独特的营养产品。


Nectariss | Richard Splivallo | Novel Natural Flavors 新型天然香料

Nectariss is an authentic flavor company that intends to make an impact in the specialty food market by developing sustainable food with novel natural flavors through its patent backed-technology. It has developed the Nectariss Method, a patent-backed fermentation technology able to generate novel and natural flavors in all kinds of food.

Nectariss公司生产天然香料,旨在通过其专利技术,开发新型具有天然风味的可持续食品,从而在特产食品市场上产生影响 。公司已开发出Nectariss专利发酵技术,能够在各种食品中产出新颖的天然香味。


SUIND | Michael Spori | Empowering Drone Manufacturers with Safety and Autonomy Solutions 为无人机制造商提供安全性、自主性解决方案

The purpose of SUIND is to empower drone manufacturers to build industry-leading solutions. It provides a comprehensive and customizable software suite that meets clients’ and regulators’ challenging safety and autonomy demands. The core components of its suite include advanced obstacle avoidance, precise navigation, and safe landing features. Its team has extensive expertise in computer vision, SLAM, motion planning and AI.

SUIND旨在帮助无人机制造商打造行业领先的解决方案。它提供综合可定制的软件套件,以满足客户和监管机构对安全性和自主性的高标准要求。该套件的核心组件包括高级避障、精确导航和安全着陆功能。公司团队在计算机视觉、SLAM( 同步定位与建图)、运动规划和人工智能方面拥有丰富的专业知识。


SwissDeCode | Joana Gomes | Rapid, On-site Certification of Food Authenticity and Quality 快速开展现场食品防伪与质量认证

SwissDeCode is at the forefront of food quality, authentication and compliance, offering a variety of DNA detection solutions to help boost confidence in the entire food supply chain. It helps companies in different parts of the food supply chain to detect food contamination and adulteration earlier, avoid food recalls and improve the trust of customers in their products. SwissDeCode has been selected as one of the Top 100 start-ups in Switzerland (2019 and 2020) and was listed in the FoodTech 500 (2019 and 2020), a ranking of global top innovators and disruptors in the FoodTech industry.

SwissDeCode公司处于食品质量、认证和合规性的最前沿,提供多种DNA检测解决方案,帮助提升整个食品供应链的信心。 它帮助食品供应链不同环节的企业更早发现食品污染和掺假,避免食品召回,提高客户的产品信任度。SwissDeCode入选瑞士100强初创企业(2019年和2020年), 并入选全球食品科技500强(2019年和2020年)排行榜,该榜单评选了世界范围内食品科技行业的顶级创新者和颠覆者。

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