nexBio Amazônia

Discover how your startup can be the game-changer for sustainable and efficient solutions in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

nexBio Amazônia

nexBio Amazônia aims to bring together Swiss and Brazilian startups to work in areas of the Amazon bioeconomy. The main objective is to initiate sustainable, short-term, easy and quick-to-implement technological solutions that improve the sustainability and efficiency of existing production chains.

  • Why participate?

    nexBio Amazônia offers an opportunity to understand the market and experience a unique context, landscape, and culture to develop their project or product and expand their network. Swissnex will provide full support and connections with Brazilian ecosystems, research centers, mentors, experts from the sector, and meetings with potential customers and partners.

  • Who can participate?

    Swiss and Brazilian technology based startups with potential to profit from revolutionizing sustainable supply chains of local high value forest products.

  • When does it take place?

    The 2024 first edition will take place between 22 July and 2 August. Program to be confirmed depending on the facilities’ availability, length of the trip, planned activities, and other conditions.

  • Costs and services

    The program will cover all costs.

The workshop

In partnership with Fapespa, ILMD Fiocruz Amazônia, Sesc Brasil, and Universität St.Gallen (HSG), we held the co-creation workshop in Belém in November 2023. Swissnex welcomed 24 experts from government, academia, commerce, industry, and civil society from the state of Pará for the co-creation workshop to build the thematic axes of the new Swiss-Brazilian open innovation program in bioeconomy: nexBio Amazônia.

The goal was to define challenges with local stakeholders to provide a platform and catalyst for Swiss and Brazilian technologies to be implemented and adapted locally in a short period through an extensive program.



The program is being built in collaboration with some of Brazil’s most influential institutions and prepares a path for Swiss and Brazilian technologies toward the region’s decision-making institutions up until the local farms. The program is aligned with governmental and private sector initiatives and monetary incentives that strive towards a more sustainable circular bioeconomy.