Meet the Leaders of the ETH BiodivX team

Discover the leaders of the ETH BiodivX group, who are leading the team for the Amazon rainforest conservation through cutting-edge technology, community engagement, and innovative scientific research.

For the XPRIZE Rainforest final in Brazil, ETH BiodivX assembled a team and a plan that matched the scale and complexity of the task ahead. The mission is to develop a fleet of instruments capable of remotely surveying different strata of a rainforest ecosystem, extracting meaningful insights under tight time constraints, and ultimately achieving autonomous operation. The interdisciplinary team comprises experts in robotic engineering, DNA sequencing and analysis, species classification, habitat conservation financing, management, movement building, social science research, data science, information visualization, music, and visual art.

The ETH BiodivX group is a collaboration of brilliant minds from ETH Zurich, working together to advance the understanding and preservation of the Amazon rainforest. Their project operates on three main fronts, each led by a dedicated expert: David Dao, Stefano Mintchev, and Kristy Deiner.


The ETH BiodivX project is a testament to the power of interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative thinking. Under the leadership of David Dao, Stefano Mintchev, and Kristy Deiner, the team is making significant strides in advancing rainforest conservation through cutting-edge technology, community engagement, and scientific research. By integrating expertise from diverse fields, ETH BiodivX is not only enhancing our understanding of the Amazon but also leaving a lasting impact on local communities and the global scientific community.

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